Your Child and a Dog

Have you been mulling over the idea of getting your child a dog? If so, might now be the time to do so?

For many parents, the thought of bringing a dog into their homes puts a smile on their faces.

There are many different positives to having a child share time with man’s best friend.

With that in mind, are you thinking it is time your child had a dog?

Benefits of Your Kid Having Man’s Best Friend

In taking time to look at the benefits of your kid having a dog, keep these in mind:

  1. Companionship – Does your child not have siblings now? If so, having a dog by his or her side can do wonders for them. Some kids do quite fine without brothers and sisters. For others, it can be a challenge at times. That said seeing a dog by the side of your son or daughter can put a smile on your face. Not only will your child have a true friend, but it teaches them responsibility (see more below).
  2. Responsibility – Having a dog will teach your child responsibility. From feeding the animal to cleaning up after it, your son or daughter will grow in more ways than one. As you teach your kid more responsibility, they will benefit from this.
  3. Protection – If your child goes out in the neighborhood to play, do you ever have worries about safety? In the event you said yes, having their trusted companion by their side should ease concerns. Knowing your dog is by their side will give them more confidence in feeling safe too.
  4. Spirits – All kids get down at times as adults do. With that in mind, a dog can lift your child’s spirits when he or she is a little down. One of the great things about dogs is they give their owners unconditional love 24/7. Your child will have a smile on their face when your dog gives them a hug or a big wet kiss. It can also help their self-esteem and might even give them a little more incentive to do well in school.


Finding the Right Dog for Your Child

In searching for the right dog for your child, take the time to go online and also talk with friends with dogs.

Whether looking at goldendoodle puppies for sale or others, find out useful info.

In going online, get background info on which breeds tend to do best with children. You want to make sure your child is comfortable with the dog you bring into the home and vice-versa.

Along with your Internet searches on dogs, also get in touch with other parents you know with dogs. They can provide you with info on the relationships their dogs and children have.

Last, make sure you and your child are willing to make the commitment to having a dog around 24/7.

As much as you will ask of your dog over the years, the dog will need even more from you. By committing to taking care of your newest family member, you can have many years of fun and happy memories.

So, is it time your child had a dog in his or her life?


Photo credit: Mark Ittleman on Flickr. CC-BY-2.0.

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