Why you should consider a career in audiology

A career in audiology has a lot to offer. Great pay and the ability to help a lot of people are just a few of the reasons to consider this career path. Here are some more of the many reasons you should consider a career in audiology and get your future on the fast track to success.

Knowing that you are helping others

Helping others have a better quality life is extremely rewarding. A career in audiology will allow you to help others hear well. Hearing better means that they can enjoy a healthier, happier, and more productive life. When someone can hear better they can interact better with their friends, family, and coworkers.

Growing industry

As more has become known about hearing loss there has been growth in the audiology field. Education has led many people to realize that hearing problems are something that can affect people of all ages. At the same time we live in a time period where there is a large number of aging and elderly people that deserve a great quality of life. There are many job opportunities available for motivated individuals that want to help others.

You are a problem solver and great listener

There are many aspects to a career in audiology. One characteristic is that you should be a good listener and problem solver. Hearing loss is complicated. Treating hearing loss requires far more than just fitting a patient with a hearing aid. There are different degrees of hearing loss and it is important to make sure that a patient is thoroughly examined to determine the actual cause of the hearing loss. Carefully listening to the concerns and thoughts of patients and their loves ones is essential to success in the audiology field. This information will allow you to find the best solution for each person. Compassionate problem solvers can experience great success in the field of audiology.


While some positions at audiology offices do not require formal education, an actual audiologist typically earns a bachelor’s degree and then a doctorate in audiology. Doctorate programs typically last 4 years and include clinical rotations. If this seems like too much you could consider an assistant or marketing position. There is also demand for project specialists and other administrative professionals.

Job news and postings

As an audiologist there are many areas that you can work. Private firms sometimes advertise in local or regional papers. careers at Miracle-Ear are listed on their job website. As the leading innovator of hearing aid technology, Miracle Ear has proven itself to the audiology community and the public over the last 65 years. When you join the Miracle Ear team you will be part of a network of more than 1,200 hearing centers. Miracle Ear also has an exciting blog and many tips for doing your best at job interviews in the audiology field. Miracle Ear also offers exciting franchise opportunities for those that want to own their own business.

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