Why The Volkwagen Polo Is A Car Modder’s Dream

One of Volkswagen’s best-selling cars is the Polo. This smaller brother to the flagship Golf car isn’t a car that should be dismissed quite so easily when it comes to improving its already sweet styling, handling and performance.

It has an unlimited amount of tuning and modifying potential – which is probably why a lot of modified cars in Europe happen to be the Volkswagen Polo!

If you have the modifying bug, and you are thinking of buying a used or even new Volkswagen Polo from somewhere like but you haven’t quite made your mind up as to whether this is the car for you or not, let me help to convince why you need to get out there and buy a Polo today!

Limitless choice of bases to start from

Because the Volkswagen Polo is a mass-produced car that has been in production since 1975, you will be spoilt for choice with regards to the base car to modify.

Some people prefer to modify an old classic Polo such as the mark one, whereas others want to roll around in a car that’s got the latest technology and features, as well as a highly-efficient engine such as the ones found in the current “6R” models.

Euro Style

Over the past few years, there has been a trend of modifying the appearance and stance of cars to have a “Euro style”. This means lowering the car to ridiculously low amounts and fitting ultra-wide yet small alloy wheels with tyres that literally stretch across the rim!

Another key identifier of the Euro style is to fit spacers on the wheels so that they stick out, much like the one in the photograph example shown in this blog post.

Cheap parts

Because the Volkswagen Polo is an extremely affordable car to purchase in the first place, parts for it are generally cheap. This also applies to aftermarket parts that are used to modify the car, such as suspension kits and lowering springs, exhaust systems and alloy wheels.

This is one of the many reasons that attract people to buy Volkswagen Polo cars and modify them; they can afford to personalise their cars and make them have their own unique and individual styling and features.

What are the most-popular modifications?

When it comes to modifying a Volkswagen Polo, regardless of generation, people typically add the following modifications to their cars:

  • Alloy wheels – from small and wide 13-inch Euro-style rims to large 18-inch alloys, there is a plethora of choice and styles when it comes to alloy wheels;

  • Suspension – the cheapest way to lower a Volkswagen Polo is to buy a set of lowering springs for it, but some people opt for matched shock absorbers to enhance the appearance and firmness of the ride;

  • Exhaust systems – loud and stainless is the way forward with Polo mods;

  • Engine transplants – fed up of that slow BlueMotion engine in your Polo? No problem, get rid of it and fit a 20-valve turbo engine from a Golf instead;

  • ECU remaps – this invisible modification will help you to extract as much power as possible from your Polo.

Image credit: cpradi on Flickr. 

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