Why Oral Hygiene Is Important for Men

Queensland men simply don’t seek preventative medical help as frequently as women and nowhere is that truer than in regard to dental hygiene. The observation of good dental hygiene is obviously important for everyone, but an unwillingness to look after one’s teeth can have especially dire ramifications for men. This is due to a number of factors.


  1. Lifestyle

Men are typically bigger drinkers and smokers than women and this can lead to higher rates of gum disease and even certain kinds of oral cancers (more on this in a moment). The damage these habits can cause is magnified by the fact that most men simply don’t get teeth cleanings and check-ups as regularly as they should. Professionals like Oasis Dental Studio (a team of Gold Coast dentists) make these procedures fast, affordable and painless (admit it, pain is the real reason you’re scared of the dentist — it’s cool, so is everyone else. But you don’t have to worry!).


  1. Aesthetic

The ideal dental scenario is a mouth full of pearly white teeth and healthy gums. Even if we don’t practise it ourselves, good oral hygiene is something many people look for in those they associate with. How many times have you had to talk to someone with horrific breath and spent the entire conversation wishing you could escape into a halitosis-free zone? Good oral hygiene will keep you from being that guy to some other poor, unsuspecting soul. This goes double for those of you in the dating scene. Looking after your teeth and gums tells a prospective partner a lot of about your lifestyle and habits at a glance.


  1. Health

As mentioned earlier in this piece, another facet of good dental hygiene for men is the prevention of gum disease and some types of oral cancers. Gum disease is by far one of the most common dental ailments for men in the world and, if allowed to run unchecked for extended periods, can have long-term effects on your teeth. Ever heard the phrase “long in the tooth?” That saying was borne from the symptoms of long-term gum disease — the reddened gums begin to deteriorate and recede from around the teeth, exposing the bone beneath and making the teeth appear rather “long.” Sounds gross, right? It is. Here’s the part that should come as a relief, though — gum disease, like many other oral infections and diseases, is easily prevented by regular, thorough brushing and flossing.


These are just a few of the reasons, among many, for men to watch their mouths. Good oral hygiene is vitally important — you only get one set of teeth, guys, and when they’re gone, they’re gone. It pays to look after them.


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Published on: August 21, 2016

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