Why One Exercise Programme Works Better Than Another

There are few sports in the world where participants are trained in a way that enables them to then teach what they have mastered. Martial artists often pass on what they have learned. For some, it’s the thrill of showing off what they can do. For others, it’s part of the path to true understanding and, perhaps, enlightenment of what they know. If teaching is about embracing life-long learning, then maybe we should actively seek teachers like Kit Dale who are providing a different approach.

For those who have achieved results from any fitness programme, it seems the instructor was key. We need someone who clearly loves what they are doing, is still passionate to explore his art and refine his skill, and will actually speak to you as a follower.  A professional who spends a great deal of time passing on his knowledge, including tips and ideas for dieting and exercise is difficult to find.

Using social media, some fitness gurus are able to keep in personal contact with their followers and subscribers. This can help in keeping things light and personal, and helps keep you motivated. Having a trainer who is very personable, and wears their heart on their sleeve helps us believe the programme is genuinely effective. The endorser is making himself accountable. It may seem very raw and natural, but it works. It isn’t polished and shiny like some other celebrity fitness videos. Neither is he. Maybe it’s all about his natural persona, and that’s why it works. Any instructor who builds a successful fitness programme will have a personality to match. We need a real person, not just a celebrity image. It makes the possibility of achieving that physique real.


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There is a lot to be said for adopting this kind of complete, multi-channel marketing for health and fitness products. Diet programmes that include weekly meetings work very well because of the frequent contact with other people doing the diet. We see the before and after in each participant. We hear about the trials and challenges it took to get there. We find out what worked, what didn’t work, and what we should be trying to do next.

These programmes are geared toward the more social of us. The diet meetings are a socially beneficial as the fitness gurus using social media to keep subscribers happy. This may suggest those who succeed with fitness programmes fit a particular personality type. It could mean those that don’t fit this type don’t feel a need for these programmes! Whether or not this is true, the majority of participants are benefitting, so perhaps it’s fair to say it works for the majority of us.

We all need encouragement, to know we’re not alone in the challenge, and to see others achieving something from the programme. We also need someone to lead the programme that is passionate to find more ways to understand and master what we are trying to achieve. Celebrities with their endless wealth and plastic surgery just aren’t believable enough to keep us hanging on for long.

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