Why Moving House Is Great For DIY Enthusiasts

Getting stuck into a great project really tests your DIY skills to the limit. Having to think creatively about your new idea to turn it into a reality can really get us going. When you count up all the DIY tasks you take on in a year, you probably only remember the big projects that took a great deal of skill and a good dose of mental input. Those are the jobs you look at time and time again as a symbol of what you can achieve. They are the ones you show off.

When it is time to move house, you will probably have to say goodbye to some of those achievements. Moving house can be stressful and emotional, but leaving behind years of your hard work can be quite upsetting. However, moving into a new house will bring with it a wealth of new DIY projects to tackle. You will want to make this new house your own, so there must be plenty to do before it becomes your dream house.

For the DIY enthusiast, taking on a new house is an exciting challenge. Every room will present opportunities in abundance, to make good, improve and build upon. Even the garden or yard should offer chances to throw your DIY weight around. The only shortage there will be is in your time to get everything done to want to.

When you have sold your home, you will probably be looking frantically for the next home to move into. Choosing a ‘doer-upper’ may offer you more house for your money. If you are quite savvy with a tool set, this may be an option for you. As you view the properties on the market that pique your interest, look around them with your critical eye. See where the work is required, and think about what you would like to do in there. Each room will undoubtedly offer something. Just make sure there isn’t more work than is DIY possible. Your family may resent you if it isn’t liveable straight away. While I’m sure they will appreciate the extra space buying a project can afford them if it isn’t working as a place to live while you are improving it, they won’t be happy.

If you are moving into a house that requires a little more work than just decorating, have a word with a removal company like The pro movers from Chicago to discuss the possibility of moving your belongings in two runs. By keeping some furniture or bulky items back, you may be able to fix up a room or two while they are empty. Alternatively, ask them to carefully place items to fit them into the other rooms on your behalf.

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Find out from your removal company if it is ok to keep some of the moving packaging and materials. These can be really handy to protect items while you are doing some DIY. The last thing you want is to damage your belongings while you are working on the house. Cardboard boxes and bubble wrap are great for covering belongs to protect them against mess and paint during your project.

Moving house is a great time to identify projects to work on that will stretch your DIY skills. Lots of people like to knock down stud walls to create a more open plan feel in their new house. Other people want to put up stud partitions to create extra rooms. These are quite big jobs to take on as a DIYer. Depending where you live, you may need to follow strict building regulations that need to be signed off by your local government office.

Other tasks that are frequently taken on when you move house include landscaping the garden and installing a new kitchen. Both of these projects are big jobs, and it is unlikely you can do it all by yourself. They do really stretch the DIY muscles though, and it is great to put your own stamp on a new place when you move in.

If you are looking at redesigning your garden or yard, think about installing some decking. They create mud-free walkways around your garden, and wonderful outdoor eating areas. Add a gazebo, and you have an extra room outside. Concrete or slab patios are not as popular anymore, but can be installed fairly easily in a weekend providing the weather is dry, and you have some help. Other ideas for the garden include installing a new fence and gate or planting a rockery.

Installing a kitchen is likely to require more outside help than most other DIY projects you might take on. If you have a gas supply, you will need somebody who is registered to install your appliances safely. An electrician should be used if you are using electric ovens too. Plumbers are experts at installing kitchen waste systems and making sure dishwashers and washing machines are correctly installed. For you as a DIY enthusiast, you may be keen to customise your kitchen with bespoke units and doors. This is a great project for the DIYer as there is so much scope for putting yourself into it.

There will probably be so many opportunities in your new home to make your mark that you may not have time to cover them all off. As you are house hunting, take a list with you to detail the work you see is needed. If the list for a property becomes too long, you may be better off disregarding that property as a potential new home. Striking a balance is a challenge. Too much work and you will be overwhelmed. Your family will be unhappy that it is unpleasant living in a building site environment. You may not ever find the time to get everything done. If you pick a house with too few opportunities to get stuck in, you may be bored and never feel that you have placed your mark on your new home. Using a list to compare the properties you have seen will help you make the right choice about which one to buy.

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