Why is it so important to choose the right app for your consumers?

As mobile technology marches ever on and more and more people are using smartphones and tablets, so the demand for high quality apps is increasing. Although there are still many users of desktop and laptop computers, the ability to get all the information wanted while on the go is extremely attractive.

This means that companies that want to provide apps for their consumers need to get it right or they stand a good chance of being unable either to retain or attract as many people as they would like. There are a number of things that consumers want from their apps, so developers should bear these in mind when constructing one.

Get the functionality right

If an app doesn’t do well enough or quickly enough what a consumer wants then the chances are they’ll go off and find one that does, perhaps from a competitor. In the planning stage a list should be drawn up of all the functions required for the app to work well, and it’s important to remember that an app that is being built to be a mobile version of a Mac or PC program needs a comparable functionality where possible

Make a good user interface and an attractive design

Designing for mobile devices is not the same as designing for laptop and desktop computers so the user interface should be high priority. Traditional cursors are considerably more accurate than touchscreens, so buttons and any other elements need to be easy to touch, especially as some mobile screens can be quite small.

Most people don’t use keyboards with their mobile devices, so considering alternatives to typing where possible is a good move.

An attractive deign is an uncluttered design, with simple, clean lines that mobile users prefer. As previously mentioned, screen sizes can be small, especially for smartphones, so keeping it simple but still looking good is the key to making an app useful to consumers.

Getting the experience

Not every business has tech experts on hand who are able to build an app in-house. There may be many micro and small businesses that think that apps are for the retail giants and not for them, especially if they don’t feel they can do it themselves. However, taking the time to develop one will keep a company visible to its customers all the time as well as building brand recognition and giving the opportunity to create special sales or discounts at any time, with the potential of driving more consumers to the site.

For those who don’t have the time or experience to design their own app then a specialist app development company could be exactly what’s needed. A business looking for development help needs to be sure about the services being offered. Worry Free Labs services offer a comprehensive and innovative approach to developing apps. The ability to custom design for clients is essential rather than a one size fits all approach, and this company works closely with a client to ensure the user experience is as good as it can be.

An interactive approach

With the rise of social media and the desire of mobile users to keep in touch much of the time, the interactive aspect of an app should be treated seriously. Not every app will work well for sharing information but consumers like to have touches that make things more enjoyable when using the app and that might encourage them to load it more often. Apps where users can create content such as photographs and text-based information that can then be shared via social media or email can offer appealing additional options.

Test and test again

Consumers who use mobile apps are frequently tech savvy and they want something that works consistently and effectively. There’s nothing more off-putting to a consumer than finding it hard to access a page they want because the app has crashed or they find it hard to navigate around. It’s why good testing is crucial to getting things right, and regular checking to ensure the app is working smoothly or can be quickly updated to a new version.

It is, unfortunately, easy to lose customers if an app doesn’t function to the standard they want – they will just take their business elsewhere.

Smart business development

Mobile technology is there to be harnessed to business advantage and with the right app, carefully developed, it can make a significant difference as to how consumers can interact with an organization and help build a customer base that is loyal and appreciative.

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Published on: April 27, 2015

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