Why Foot Care is Essential for the Active Male

Taking care of the feet is essential if you are an active male. Whether you enjoy walking, jogging, or another kind of exercise, your feet help you to complete these exercises. If you don’t look after your feet, you’ll only suffer in the long run. Here’s why foot care is so important:

Avoiding Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s food can be a common problem in active people. It’s a fungus that likes to grow in between the toes, especially when they aren’t dried properly after a shower or bath. It causes irritation, dry skin and scaly patches. Spending a lot of time at the gym can make this condition worse, as your feet are perspiring even more. Use an antifungal cream, powder, or tea tree oil to get rid of the condition.

Avoiding Plantar Fasciitis

If you don’t wear shoes with proper arch support and like to be active, it’s possible you could get plantar fasciitis. Your foot will feel tight and sore, and you may not be able to continue being active as you once were. Learn how to relieve the pain of this condition by doing your research on sites such as This condition is better prevented than treated after you have it!

Avoiding Corns and Calluses

Corns and calluses are caused by excessive friction to the foot. This can cause much discomfort when you try to go about your daily business – especially when you try to exercise! To get rid of this pain, you’ll need to find out what is causing the friction and remove it from your life.

There are many other problems you can experience with your feet if you don’t look after them while being active too, such as ingrown toenails and infections. Here are some tips to help you keep yours in great condition:

  • Always wear shoes that fit you properly with good arch support. Shoes without arch support will eventually begin to damage your feet and you could end up with a dropped arch.
  • If you can’t find a shoe with good arch support, buy inserts separately.
  • Always wear shoes suitable for the activity you are doing. If you run or jog, then proper running shoes should be worn to avoid injury.
  • Always dry your feet properly, especially after a bath or shower. Use an antifungal product if you’re worried about athlete’s foot.
  • Never go to bed with your feet dirty. Always pay special attention to them in the shower, and even just rinse them on their own if you need to.
  • Change your socks at least once per day, especially if you’ve exercised in them.
  • File dead skin off your feet regularly to avoid discomfort and pain.
  • Go for treatment if you spot a problem early on.
  • Always cut your toenails straight across to avoid ingrown toenails.

Follow these tips and you’ll be able to enjoy your active lifestyle for much longer. You’ll only truly appreciate your feet once they stop working as well, so make sure it doesn’t get to that!

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