Why Do Some Men Love Their Cars More Than Their Women?

It might sound a bit weird, but there are plenty of guys out there that secretly love their cars more than their women! Having a strong emotional attachment to material objects is nothing new, and, for some adult males, cars are often their “comfort blankets” in adulthood.

Of course, as a man, if you are in a relationship with a woman, or are perhaps married to one, they should not have to compete for your love with an inanimate object! Are you worried that you might love your car more than the lady in your life? Check out these tell-tale signs!

You talk more to your car than to your lady

Talking to one’s self isn’t anything to be alarmed about, as we all do it from time to time. Talking aloud helps us to find the answers to any complex questions when we are alone.

But if you find that you have more conversations with your pride and joy than you do with the woman in your life, you are either bored of your other half or you just prefer to seek solace from your automotive “partner.”

You get jealous when people look at your car

Now when I buy cars I don’t tend to have much of an emotional attachment other than giving my cars nicknames. I also don’t care if people look at my car as they walk or drive past it.

You might have a problem if you get jealous whenever random strangers give your automobile admiring glances. Unless you drive an invisible car, I can guarantee you that people will look at your car.

And if you happen to drive something exotic such as an Italian supercar, you will have even more people ogling your car than you would if you rolled around in a Ford Fiesta!

You talk about your car as if it were a person

If you walked into a Carbase showroom, or the showroom of any car dealership for that matter, you would hear people talking about cars using words such as “it” or “the”.

For example, any normal person might say something like “my car is running rough at the moment, I think it needs a service.”

But you probably have issues if you start talking to people about your car as if it were a person:

“Laura isn’t feeling well at the moment, she said she has stomach pains.”

You believe your car IS a person

To be honest, I’ve not come across anyone that believes their car is a person. Cars are inanimate objects; they are mechanical devices that feature a lot of steel, plastic, rubber and carpet, amongst other things.

What they don’t have is vital organs such as a heart, liver, kidneys or lungs. Nor do they assume the shape of a woman. If you are reading this and are convinced that your car is a woman, I highly recommend you seek professional help because you will lose someone that does love you and is a woman!

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