Which Suit Colour is Right For You?

Every single man should have at least a small collection of suits for the important events that they will experience throughout their life. From weddings to job interviews, an impeccable suit is the first thing that will be noticed, but not all suits are created equal. It is essential for everyone to know which suit not only fits the occasion, but also their body type.

A Suit for Every Occasion
For those that are going to purchase just a single suit to start with, it is important to stay classic and neutral. A wool navy suit is going to be relatively comfortable during summer months, can be worn around the office, and is even appropriate for an interview with the correct tie and shoe combination. Black suits do come in a close second, but it is even more important to match the undershirt, tie, and kerchief with brighter colours for more informal events.

Suits By Body Type
It is almost impossible to go wrong with a black or navy suit as they are classic, slimming, and can be worn with a variety of colours. Suits outside of these neutral darker colours are going to take a little more time and energy to get right. Shorter and heavier men will typically want to avoid patterned suits as it exemplifies those features while brown or khaki suits make a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe.

Cut and Styling
Depending on the colour of the suit, the tailoring and accessories will become very important. An ill-fitting black jacket may not be as noticeable while a lighter grey or khaki outfit could be disastrous. While all suits should be tailored before being worn, brighter colours and complex designs are especially important when it comes to the right fit.

Few things will portray confidence as much as a well-tailored and matching suit. These few basic options are a great place to start when building a collection no matter where the outfit is going to be worn.

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Published on: March 2, 2014

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