When Can You Wear Trainers Outside of the Gym?

Every guy who goes to the gym typically wear cross trainers to work out. However, these shoes can be very expensive, and guys wonder whether or not they can wear these shoes outside of the gym for other purposes. There are three ways that guys can wear trainers outside of the gym and look good. Following these three rules will help guys to look good and not outsmart themselves when they dress to leave the gym.

1. Trainers Are Casual

Trainers are casual shoes at their core. This means that guys can wear them outside of the gym with a pair of jeans or shorts if they are simply going home or going to a casual lunch. Wearing trainers as truly casual shoes will allow guys to be on the right side of style when they wear these shoes outside of the house.

2. Trainers Can Be Flamboyant

The right color of trainers can be worn with clothes that are a little bit nicer than the clothes that guys would wear around the house or around town. When guys are wearing button downs and trousers out of the house, a colorful and clean trainer can look good. However, the trainers must be worn with neutral slacks like tan and khaki. Also, the shirt that the guy wears cannot clash with the shoes. People can see the colors, and clashing colors will not look good.

3. Plain Trainers With Business Attire

There are some guys who can pull off plain black, grey or white trainers with business attire. If you feel that you are one of those guys, the socks you wear must match the shoes, and the shoes must be very close to the color of your business slacks. This is not a look for everyone, but it can work for a daring guy.

Wearing trainers outside of the gym can work for the guy who wise about his clothing choices and daring at the same time.

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Published on: March 7, 2014

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One Response to When Can You Wear Trainers Outside of the Gym?

  1. Joe Francis says:

    Not sure I could ever pull off trainers with business clothes, nor would my boss be much impressed. Trainers with jeans on the weekend isn’t an issue though, in my opinion.

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