What to look for in a fragrance

Every gentlemen must smell good when he walks out in public. In fact, it is simply a matter of good manners to smell good before leaving the house. However, there are many guys who don’t know what to look for in fragrances because they have had their fragrances chosen for them over and over again.

If a guy sticks to the three things listed below, they will be able to choose a fragrance that smells good on them whenever they like.

1. Do You Like It?

Guys cannot assume that other people will like their fragrance. The number component in anyone’s attractiveness is confidence. A guy who feels like he smells good is going to look and feel more confident than a guy who does not. Therefore, don’t let a salesman say a fragrance does or does not smell good. The question is whether or not you like the scent of the fragrance, not if someone else likes it.

2. Does It Smell Good On The Skin?

Many people discount how a fragrance smells once it is on their skin because they simply do not put it on or wear it long enough to find out. Wearing a fragrance on one’s arm for a few hours will give a clearer picture of whether it smells good or not. Many guys pick fragrances that smell good in the bottle but not on the skin. This can be disastrous.

3. Is It Seasonally-Appropriate?

Wearing fragrances based on what season it is makes far more sense than wearing the same thing all the time. Fragrances that contain sandalwood, ironwood and heavy notes are more appropriate for fall and winter. Conversely, fragrances that contain light floral notes and fruit scents are more appropriate for the spring and summer. Choosing a fragrance based on what season it is can lead to the right choice every time.

For every guy who wants to wear the right fragrance, there is a right fragrance that should be chosen based on what the guy likes, what smells good on him and what season it is.

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Published on: March 7, 2014

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2 Responses to What to look for in a fragrance

  1. Carl S. says:

    I can never be bothered with choosing my own cologne out, I just let the lady do it for me. They know what’s best anyway and what they like.

  2. Alan says:

    I used to be like Carl and let my girlfriend pick out fragrances for me, but lately I’ve started sniffing them myself when we’re in department stores and I actually do find ones I prefer. Good tip about it being seasonably appropriate, too.

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