What The Future Of Power Tools Will Likely Entail


If you think about the technical progression of power tools from the mid 19th century industrial revolution-era and today’s wizardry-like world of gadgets and digital instruments—it’s a remarkable evolution of human modernization. And when you compare the first power tool ever created, the lathe, with the contemporary creation of the underwater chainsaw, it’s an arguably laughable transformation.

Obviously, power tool innovation has come a long way. Especially over the past ten years, where the development of newer technology continues to leap frog over groundbreaking invention, over groundbreaking invention.

And thanks to a better understanding of consumer needs as a result of brand engagement, and overall 21st century marketing strategies, manufactures have a better grasp of what customers are looking for.

Since brands are now incorporating research and development (R&D) into the manufacturing process, the future is packed with possibilities as now enter a golden era of technical innovation.

If you’re thinking to yourself as to where the future of power tools is heading, you’ve come to the right place. Take a look as to what you can expect regarding power tool innovation: 


In the following years to come, you can expect to see (or not see) chords become irrelevantly archaic. As of now, more than half of all power tools are already cordless—so you can expect that number to continue to rise as scientists and manufactures continue to work together and find safe, effective ways to solely rely on voltage technology.


There is nothing worse than having to fix something important only to find out moments later you’re going to have to drive into town first and get new batteries. Well, that frustration has clearly affected how power tool brands envision eliminating in the near future. Consumers will be hugely gratified to know that that frustration towards low battery-life regarding ALL products will soon no longer exist.


Just as mobile devices continue to decrease in size and weight, you can expect the same modifications in the power tool industry. The combination of voltage technology, which no longer relies on cords, and the increasingly popular use of energy efficient,  light weight Lithium-Ion batteries—power tools will enviably become sleeker, chicer and ultimately more comfortable to carry and easier to store.

Multipurpose Machinery  

In coordination with ergonomics and modification in easier, more convenient use—power tools will no longer function as one-dimensional. Unisex-friendly power tools are also an evitable direction you can expect to experience as a consumer. But don’t just expect one power tool to function as two, three or four; you can expect one power tool to operate with six, seven and eight functionalities. Consumers can expect to purchase items such as these in the upcoming year.

Environmentally Friendly

If any power tool brand has any hope to progressively swiftly into the future, they’d better make sure that keeping their product environmentally friendly is of a top priority among consumers. Expect to see improvements in waste disposal and less reliance on fuel to motor certain power tools. This relates back to how tools will be serving as multipurpose machinery that encourages energy-efficiency.

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