What Not To Do When Driving

Driving is an essential part of daily life. It is the fastest and easiest way to get around, but it can also be incredibly dangerous. Each day, hundreds of people across the world are killed on the roads, so it is vital that you learn to become a safer driver.

Most of the world’s road deaths could be prevented, simply by drivers taking more care whilst out on the roads. If each driver took some simple safety steps before getting behind the wheel, the amount of traffic accidents and deaths would decrease.

To help you become a safer driver, we have put together simple steps you can take to make sure that you are safer when out on the roads.


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Don’t get distracted

One of the leading causes of road traffic accidents is distracted drivers. Texting and taking phone calls whilst driving is incredibly dangerous. You may think that looking away for a second won’t cause any harm, but a lot can happen in a small time frame. All it takes is a small child to run out in front of you or another driver to pull out of a junction without looking, and an accident occurs. That’s why it is vital always to be alert when driving.

Texting, taking phone calls, eating, and smoking are all dangerous driving distractions. Make sure that before you get behind the wheel you have turned your phone off and set up your sat nav ready before you go. If you have to take a phone call whilst driving, the safest way to do so is by using a hands-free device. However, you may still find yourself getting distracted.

Don’t drink and drive

Don’t be tricked into thinking it’s okay to drink and drive. Whether you are driving five minutes down the road or five hours down the motorway, drink driving is never acceptable. It is dangerous and potentially deadly.

Think about it – do you really want to cause an accident, maybe even kills someone just because you had a drink? You may only be five minutes from home, but it really isn’t worth the risk. If you are planning on going out and know you will be drinking, book a cab home in advance or nominate a sober driver.

Perhaps you think that you won’t get caught, but what if you do? Aside from getting arrested, having to hire Drink Driving Solicitors and getting points or a ban on your license, think about how it could affect your family. Will a drink driving arrest affect your job? Could you even lose your job? Think about all these things before getting in the car under the influence. Consider whether it is worth it.

Don’t speed

Everyone wants to get to their destination faster, but is it really worth dying for? Whilst you may feel like you are in perfect control of your vehicle whilst speeding, this is not the case. Speed limits are put in place for a reason – perhaps the road is slippery or perhaps it has sharp bends. Don’t risk your life or the lives of others just so that you can drive a little faster.

You may not think that you will get caught, but the chances are that eventually you will do. Getting caught speed can lead to a hefty fine, points on your license or even a disqualification for driving. Think about it – can you really afford the higher insurance prices? Is speeding really worth it?

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