Wearable clothes tech you need for sporting adventures this summer

Thinking of investing in some new gear this year? Then it’s time to think not only about how it looks but about what it does. Smart sports clothing can now help you out in ways you might never have imagined, whatever kind of challenges you’re planning to take on.

The wearable tech revolution

In the 1980s, tech you could carry around with you was big and bulky and often very heavy too. Over the next couple decades it got a lot smaller, and gradually the need to have lots of different devices faded as those devices were replaced by apps on multi-tasking mobiles. Now a new revolution is taking place. Things that we used to have to carry are becoming part of the clothing and accessories we wear. At the same time, materials technology is helping to create clothes that support and aid the body as never before.

Monitoring your vital signs

Wearables that monitor your vital signs can be incredibly useful for keeping track of how your performance is developing. Trainers love them because they can monitor that performance in real time and adjust your regime accordingly, but even if you’re just looking at the stats when you get home, in-clothe devices can help you to work out what’s helping and what isn’t, and to stay within safe limits if you have a complicating health condition. Cuffs and sports bras that monitor your heart rate, breathing and blood pressure are now available at sensible mass market prices.

Supporting your body

Whether you’re climbing a mountain or just working out in the gym, exercise can often put a serious strain on your back, and given that many of us have back problems anyway because of poor working environments, this creates a risk of serious issues developing in the long term. Lower back compression with the likes of the back brace produced by Tommie Cooper can protect you from this and help you get better results from your exercise at the same time. You may also find compression clothing useful for your calves or hips, while if you are engaging in winter sports it’s worth checking out heated clothing to help prevent cramping or stiffness in areas of stress.

Mapping your progress

Back in the eighties, there was a craze for milometers on bikes. These days, you can get them built into your jogging gear, so that it’s easy to track how much work you’ve done. Some also take account of your pace and measure the amount of calories you’ve burned. A simple wristwatch can carry a GPS system and, if there are masts in close enough proximity, can even transmit your location – a useful safety aid if you’re going into potentially dangerous territory. Finally, wearing Google glass makes it easy to make a record of your adventures.

Some people still associate technology with passive, indoor activities. These great pieces of tech can really enhance your outdoor life and help you to get more out of all your sporting and fitness activities.


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