Vacation Ideas For History Buffs

If you spend most of your free time glued to the History Channel, you should get off the couch and out into the world to see the world’s historic sights in person. There are tons of fascinating places to visit, giving you the opportunity to learn more about the historic periods you’re interested in while experiencing the atmosphere for yourself. Here are a few vacation ideas to get you inspired.


Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico

For fans of ancient civilizations, there’s nowhere more exciting and interesting than this historic region of Mexico. The area can provide the perfect mix of education, cultural exploration and just plain fun- the beaches and nightlife of Cancun are just a short trip away from the Toltec ruins at Chichen Itza, while the nearby Puuc route leads right to the old home of the Maya. The Mayan pyramids still stand proud so there’s plenty to see- just bring lots of sunscreen and a good pair of walking shoes.


Philadelphia, USA

If you’re looking for a vacation within the United States with plenty of historical interest, head over to Pennsylvania’s capital city. Philadelphia is the birthplace of liberty for a reason- you can visit Independence Hall and the world famous Liberty Bell, as well as scoping out the presidential home of George Washington and John Adams. Philadelphia also has the country’s oldest stock exchange and the oldest residential street in the United States, along with a wide range of other fascinating historical attractions.


London, England

A trip to Europe is never complete without stopping in London, especially if you love all things old and interesting. Head to the Tower of London for a grizzly look at the country’s torturous past where you’ll see the spot where Anne Boleyn lost her head, as well as the armor of King Henry VIII. The whole family will also love to visit the Queen’s official home at Blenheim Palace, as well as the tomb of Tutankhamun at the British Museum.


Rome, Italy

Rome has to be one of the world’s most fascinating cultural spots. With an exciting modern culture of its own, complete with some of the most delicious food in Europe, as well as the ancient ruins of the Empire itself still standing, this is one of the best cities in the world for a history buff. Pose for pictures at the Colosseum and explore the ruins of the Forum, where Caesar was stabbed and the great Roman Empire was planned out. Aside from these obvious spots, Rome is also full of lesser known ruins and temples that make for an exciting and fascinating vacation.

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