Triathlons Are The Perfect Fitness, So What Do You Need To Get Started?

If you don’t know already, triathlons are one of the best ways to build fitness and to stay fit, and it isn’t hard to see why. Triathlons, as the name suggests, mix three of the most rigorous pursuits together for the ultimate test. If you want to test your fitness, a triathlon is a perfect option. But, before you begin, you need to make sure you take your preparation seriously. The people that head into triathlons without the necessary equipment find it hard work. And, they are already hard to begin with, so they don’t need making more difficult.



Here are a few of the things you will need before you start your first triathlon.


A bike is a no brainer. Without it, you cannot attempt the cycling part of the triathlon, so you will need to buy one beforehand. Also, you will need one that is of a high quality to make the ride more comfortable. Cheap bikes have a tendency to be uncomfortable, or even worse they have a tendency to break down. A good quality bike will do the trick, and it will prevent you from itching and chafing for weeks afterwards!

Kit Bag

However, breakdowns are part of parcel of cycling, so you should always be prepared just in case. To make sure that a puncture or a flat tire doesn’t spoil your afternoon, pack a kit bag. In the bag, you will need inner tubes, a tube, and a puncture repair kit to name but three. Also, a screwdriver and lubricant might be a good idea in case there is a problem with the chain. All of these will come to your aid should you experience a problem in the cycling round of the triathlon.


The worst mistake first-time triathletes make it is not investing in a wetsuit. Lots of applicants think that the water will be warm, so they believe they won’t need a wetsuit. They are wrong. For the most part, wetsuits are invaluable as the water is a lot colder than it looks. And, if you are spending a long time in the water, it can make all the difference to your body temperature. Plus, it can protect you against infections and jellyfish stings. If it is your first time, there are plenty of triathlon wetsuit rentals that are available. Unless you are a seasoned pro, you are better off seeing whether you like triathlons before making a major investment.


During the summer, and even in the colder months, the sun can be dangerous, especially when you are in it all day long. As you have guessed, you are going to be spending a lot of time in the sun, and you will need lots of sun cream. After all, the last thing you want after expelling all that effort is debilitating sunburn. Also, moisturizer is a good option because there will be a lot of chafing. Rubbing is unavoidable when you take part in a triathlon, which is why you want to apply cream before, during and after the event.

Sports Watch

Even if it is your first time, you want to time your effort. Then, you can attempt to beat it the next time.




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