Top Tips for a Fuss-Free Garden This Summer


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We all want a garden that’s perfect for summer barbecues and beers. Most of us don’t have the time to craft something spectacular out of the weeds and overgrown grass. While going to a pub garden instead may sound like the best idea, there are some ways you can create the perfect backyard for entertaining. We’ve put together some top tips for a fuss-free garden this summer.


Before you do anything, you’re going to need to get rid of all those weeds. Although they may have been dormant over winter, you’ll find them springing up all over the place during the warmer months. Pulling out weeds doesn’t need to be backbreaking work. Invest in some weed killer that targets the roots. Let it work its magic for a couple of days. Then simply go ahead and pull them out. They’ll be work and easy to get out. Plus they won’t come back if you kill them at the root. If you want to stop weeds from making their way into your garden, then plant a lot of shrubberies. Don’t give them any room to grow!

The Lawn

This is probably one of the biggest pains in anyone’s garden. Trying to keep your lawn trim month after month is not fun. You could consider getting some grass paving from somewhere like This will keep your lawn looking neat. Mix grass paving with a harder wearing turf or seed, to reduce maintenance times. If you’re feeling really flash invest in a robot mower to keep the grass cut for you. Alternatively, get rid of the grass altogether and turn it into a courtyard garden. You can still add greenery in the form of plants and shrubbery, later on.

Low Maintenance Plants

You’ll never find a plant that needs no maintenance. Unless it’s a plastic plant. However, you can find some that require very little effort. Evergreens tend to be the way forward if you want a fuss-free garden. The only time you’ll ever have to deal with them is to prune them back. They do everything else themselves. Plus, they don’t die out in winter so your garden will always look great. You can also consider potted plants as opposed to flower beds. These are far easier to maintain in the long run. Go for pots that can contain a lot of soil and compost. This will mean they don’t dry out as quickly and require less maintenance.

The Entertainment Area

Let’s face it. You only really want a garden so you can entertain other people (and yourself). However, it seems like far too much effort to put something together. All you really need is a hard-wearing table and chairs. Plus a barbecue that’s easy to clean. Everything else is optional. You could consider Chinese lanterns or fairy lights, to keep the area well-list. This will save you forking out for an electrician to fit outside lights, too. If you’ve got the cash, splash out for a pool. Excuse the pun.

Now, all you need to do is chill the beers, grab your iPod speakers, and light up the barbie. Enjoy the summer in your new, fuss-free garden!


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