Top Jet ski Locations Around The World

Jet skiing has really become a sport of its own, from jet ski safaris to enormous jet ski dealerships such as JSW Powersports , the choices are now endless. If you’re a jet ski junky with worldly experiences on your mind, then check out the list below for some of the top international jet ski locations.

Gold Coast, Australia

The Gold Coast got its name for a reason, and this population destination has no shortage of water sport activities. Jet ski operators provide off-the-beaten track experiences which include weaving your way through tropical mangroves. Queensland is also home to some magnificent islands which can be enjoyed from the front seat of a jet ski. With long stretches of golden sand set against a vibrant city backdrop, from the water is the perfect place to soak up the atmosphere.

Denarau Island, Fiji

For those with a luxurious jet ski location in mind, you can’t go past Fiji. Often the tropical holiday of choice, these islands combine five-star resorts with the strong culture of the Fijian people – and is a must-do for jet ski enthusiasts. Denarau Island is a great choice, as it caters to all experience levels, and you can jet ski right out the front of the stunning Sheraton and Sofitel Resorts! Combine it with some snorkelling and you’ve got a trip to remember.

Miami, USA

With a trendy vibe and the chance to mingle with celebrities, Miami beach on the sunny coast of Florida is a worthy contender for the world’s top jet ski locations. Jet ski tours can take you through the waterways that surround a number of islands dotting Miami’s coastline, as well as pointing out various film locations for a bit of fun. The fact that you might find yourself in the company of dolphins, and the rich art culture of the city make Miami jet skiing a truly unique experience.

Naples, Italy

The Amalfi Coast in Italy is pure heaven and is a must as an inclusion on any jet-skier’s bucket list. The Province of Naples is filled with a rich and colourful history, as well as tragedies and struggles, and is the destination of choice for the archaeology lovers to the rich and famous. Jumping on a jet ski is definitely the best way to experience the astonishing landscapes of the Sorrento Bay area, the Island of Capri and the unnerving sight of Mt Vesuvius.

The Bay of Islands, New Zealand

When you visit New Zealand it’s not hard to see why this magical landscape is often used as the backdrop for fantasy genre films such as The Lord of the Rings. Picturesque lakes and long coastlines make this an ideal location for water sports such as jet skiing. The Bay of Islands situated on the north island is a jet ski destination that offers beauty, discovery and plenty of wildlife. For those that love their water sports and beaches it is absolute paradise!

The options for jet ski lovers now reach far and wide, but by picking a location that not only has a waterway to revel in, but a backdrop to fantasise about will be a winner wherever it is!

What have been some awe-inspiring locations you’ve visited that would be perfect for jet skiing? Write your comments in the space below.

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