Top Ideas For Giving Your Van The Awesome Factor

You won’t often find the words “van” and “cool” in the same sentence. After all, people usually customise their cars, not their vans! But there is a growing number of van owners that make their vans stand out from the crowd.

Do you own a van? Or perhaps you are about to go and buy one from Believe it or not, there are many ways to give your van the “awesome” factor. If you want to make your van unique, but don’t know how, today’s handy guide is for you!


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OK, you might not want to go extreme as with the featured image example. But whatever your tastes, this blog post will help you to make your van modding dreams come true!


Let’s face it; vans only transport cargo from A to B. If you want a vehicle that offers good cornering, you will buy a sports car instead! The good news for van owners is that your workhorse can have similar handling attributes too!

If you have ever driven a Ford Transit around a corner at speed, you will know how “interesting” the experience can be! By improving your van’s handling, you won’t have to worry about such problems.

The first step is to upgrade the skinny steel rims on your vans to alloy wheels. Van makers sell alloy wheels as optional extras for vans. But if you don’t like what is on offer, there are plenty of aftermarket alloys you can opt for instead.

I recommend going no bigger than 2 inches in diameter from your current wheel size.

The next step is to upgrade the suspension setup. By “lowering” your van and improving the stiffness of the suspension, you end up with go-kart handling. Go for adjustable suspension, so that you can raise the height if you have heavy loads.


The most popular van colour is white. It’s a cheap colour and is about as neutral as you can get!

If you want to go for the awesome factor, you need to get a respray in a different colour. The world is your oyster when it comes to paint colours.

Some people go for a single-paint colour, such as BMW’s Estoril Blue. Or they might “push the boat out” and get a sparkly, flip paint that changes colour in the light!

When it comes to resprays, the only things that limit you are your imagination and bank. I recommend getting any non-painted surfaces sprayed at the same time, to achieve the ultimate custom can look.

Examples of unpainted surfaces include door mirrors and mouldings, and front and rear bumpers.

ECU remaps

Your van will more than likely have a turbodiesel engine. If you want to make your van offer better performance and fuel economy, an ECU remap is the way to go!

All modern vans have an on-board computer that manages various aspects of the engine, such as timing and engine speed. By telling it to do things in a different way, you can unleash some extra power without any negative effects to your engine.

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