Top Five Cycling Cities in the World

When it comes to cyclist accessibility and friendliness, not all cities are made equal. While cycling can be stressful in many large cities that don’t adequately facilitate for the two-wheeled traveller, some special cities actually treat cyclists just as well as (or even better than) drivers. The following list contains five cities that have gone above and beyond to become the perfect places for bicycle enthusiasts to visit or live. We’ve tried to make our list as diverse as possible, so if you’re wondering why the top five aren’t all European cities, that’s why. For a larger list of the top rated cycling cities in the world, visit this website .

1. Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Amsterdam is a top destination for travelling cyclists and a great place to live if your bike is your preferred mode of transport. It’s widely recognised as the most bicycle-friendly capital city in the world and is far kinder to cyclists than drivers! Nearly half of every trip taken in Amsterdam is done by bike so, naturally, the roads are well-equipped for cyclists. Plus, there are kilometres and kilometres of designated bicycle tracks, as well as roads that are only accessible to cyclists. And, if you’re in the inner city, people on bicycles are even more common than cars! This cyclist-friendly infrastructure isn’t unique to Amsterdam though – this approach to city design is common throughout The Netherlands.

2. Montreal (Canada)

Montreal makes this list thanks to having over 600 kilometres of bike tracks and being the first city to adopt the Bixi rent-a-bike system. Montreal is a must-visit for North American cycling enthusiasts and a great city to live for Canadians who love to get places on their bicycles.

3. Curitiba (Brazil)

Curitiba is commonly praised as being one of the world’s best planned cities. And a well-planned city by default must be bicycle friendly. Because Brazil is very committed to renewable energy and alternative, environmentally-friendly transport, the city of Curitiba has been pushing its residents towards public transport and cycling for several decades now. One of the ways they have done this is by providing generous bike lanes, which, in turn, have attracted cyclists from around the world to visit (and sometimes stay in) this city.

4. Beijing (China)

In a city famous for its ridiculously congested traffic, you can bet that the bike is the best way to get around. And you wouldn’t be the only one to think that – many, many residents and tourists opt for the easy two wheels when it comes to travelling through the city of Beijing. With air pollution also being a large concern here, cycling and other forms of non-car transport are very much encouraged.

5. Portland (USA)

We know we’ve already had one North American city on the list, but Portland is a special case that certainly deserves to be mentioned. Unlike many large cities, the suburbs and neighbourhoods of Portland are carefully interconnected by bike paths, which makes it easy for cyclists to bypass busy roads when trying to get through the city. As any cyclist would know, the less time you have to spend battling against drivers, the happier your journey will be!

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