Top Five Best U.S. Adventure Vacations

While some are content with lounging on a beach somewhere for vacation, many find getting away from the daily grind to adventure in the great outdoors the best form of relaxation. Exploring the world around them is total rejuvenation, and for many, the more thrilling the exploit the better.


Here are the top U.S. five adventure vacations you can take:


  1. Hawaii

As the ultimate destination for a thrill-seeker, Hawaii has tons of outdoor adventures perfect for anyone. The top three islands for outdoor activities are Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island.


Beginning with Maui, though it is not nearly as expansive as the Big Island, it offers a wide variety of activities from exotic wildlife to history and culture. Vacationers can go hiking (even at Haleakala—the world’s biggest dormant volcano), surfing, snorkeling, and golfing along the coast.


The Big Island is a huge area, full of lava deserts, rainforests, snow-covered peaks, and black-sand beaches. Plus, the Big Island has the active volcano, Kilauea, which is something not to miss.


Kauai is the oldest Hawaiian island, and as such it is one of the more rural areas to explore. In fact, much of Kauai has to be explored on foot. However, it ensures you won’t miss hiking any of the coveted trails.


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  1. Acadia National Park

Located in New England, Acadia National Park is the ultimate destination for the rugged explorer. All trails feel unexplored and undocumented, making the trip feel like a solo trek. Plus, you can even camp out there. After hiking through the trails, there are plenty of other adventures to undertake, including rock climbing, biking, and even horseback riding.


  1. Juneau

The capital city of Alaska, Juneau is an ideal vacation spot. Not only is the area absolutely gorgeous, all of the scenery is just waiting to be explored. During the spring and summer, you can kayak, hike, and bike the surrounding areas while in the fall and winter you can explore the glaciers.


  1. Jackson Hole

Located near Grand Teton National Park, Jackson Hole is a relatively secluded travel destination. Travelers can come and explore the slopes in the snowy winters and hike the gorgeous trails in the spring and summer. Jackson Hole is the epitome of mountain country, full of wide open spaces that are ready to be explored.


  1. Adirondacks

This area is located in a beautiful wilderness where you can hike up High Peaks and kayak on St. Regis. In fact, you can even take an airplane tour over the area and canoe through famous routes like Old Forge. Additionally, in the winter, there are plenty of ski slopes available, as the 19032 and 1980 Winter Olympics were held here.


When preparing for your next outdoor adventure, give these five location a chance.


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