Top 5 Tools Every DIY Man Needs

Who doesn’t love a good DIY Project? With the rise in reality programs on television of late, more and more people want to get out there and tackle their very own DIY projects. It’s great fun, sometimes a little challenging, but there is nothing better than getting to the end of that project and looking back at the work you’ve done and knowing that you did it yourself. As much as it can be great to work on a project with a loved one, they can never be as useful to you in creating your project than the tools that help put it all together. So let’s take a look at our top 5 tools every DIY man needs.

The Stick Welder

Easily the most common form of welder found in the DIY mans tool kit, the stick welder (often known as the arc welder) equips you with an extra edge in every DIY project. Whether you need to patch up the gaps, reseal or repair, your welder is going to add extra value any day. Each welder can be different and it’s important to use those that best suit your needs, often a selection from WIA can prove to be just want your tool collection ordered.

The Power Drill

A timeless classic, you can’t go past the long trusted, always reliable power drill. Every time you need to put something together, it’s there! Whether you are assembling something in your workshop, repairing something around the house and working on a major project, you cannot function without this vital tool. A must for every DIY man.

The Electric Circular Power Saw

Never underestimate the value of this little wonder. Whether you’re working inside, or outside the workshop, it’s simple, straight forward and takes the place of the hard work required by a handsaw any day. For any DIY man that has had to build anything around the house you won’t have got very far without it.

The Nail Gun

If you’ve ever completed major DIY renovations in your home without one of these you’ll know the time and pain that can go into the arduous task of individually driving home every single nailed needed. Literally saving hours of manual work on hundreds of DIY projects around the home this is a must have in the DIY arsenal for every man.

The Paint Sprayer

Not always the first choice of every DIY man, however the paint sprayer can reduce hours of work other wise taken by painting and drying. Whilst it’s not the solution for all your painting needs, using it for the walls isn’t a likely choice, it’s perfect for the smaller projects. Putting on a new bedroom door or a new paint of coat on those new kitchen cabinets will be infinitely easier with this addition to your collection.

It would be hard to imagine what your projects would look like or how long they would take if you didn’t have this arsenal of tools at your disposal. Each DIY project will be different, with it’s own challenges and it’s own requirements, are these your top 5? What tools make your tool kit tick?

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Published on: May 25, 2014

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