Top 5 Bachelor’s Party Locations

So you’re getting married. Congratulations! Your fiancée is probably driving you crazy with tons of talk about flowers, seating plans and color schemes, while all your buddies want to talk about is the bachelor’s party. Where’s it going to be, who’s going to be there and are you planning for strippers or not.

You may want to leave it all up to your best man, but if you like to have a little control over the proceedings, here are some classic bachelor’s party locations to give you both some ideas.


1. Las Vegas, Nevada: We better get this one out of the way. Long before The Hangover ever immortalized Vegas as the world’s craziest place to have your bachelor’s party men were heading to the city of sin for their last night of freedom. It’s a classic for a reason- the casinos, the clubs and the girls are all world class, just stay away from tigers and don’t take any mysterious pills.

2. Atlantic City, New Jersey: For those on the East Coast who don’t have the time or cash to head out to Vegas, Atlantic City could be the next best thing. It has some big, flashy casinos and great steakhouses- it’s a great place to spend a weekend away with the boys.

3. Cancun, Mexico: If you’re looking to head out of the United States for your big night, Cancun is a good pick. It’s not too far to travel but the beaches and crazy clubs will make you feel worlds away from your everyday life. The weather is also hot all year round, so you can party on the beach and play golf by day no matter what time of year you’re planning to get hitched.

4. The Ranch at Rock Creek, Montana: This is the ideal bachelor’s party for men who are more interested in the great outdoors then getting down and dirty in a strip club. You can customize your weekend away yourself, but there are tons of ultra macho activities on offer, from rifle shooting to hunting, paintballing and heli-fishing. You can also choose between camping or relaxing in a log cabin for the night- it’s a bachelor’s party fit for Ron Swanson himself.

5. New Orleans, Louisiana: Whether it’s Mardi Gras or not, New Orleans is one of America’s top destinations for a groom-to-be. Rent out your own private bachelor’s pad for the weekend on Bourbon Street and hit up the local clubs and bars for a wild night that only New Orleans can offer- just don’t forget to indulge in some classic New Orleans cuisine while you’re at it

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