Top 4 Trends in Men’s Golf Fashion

 Golf has always been on the forefront of fashion, even since its inception a century ago. Even then, what you wore on the course was almost as important as how well you can hit the ball. While your wardrobe is no substitute for your ability to at least be able to play the sport a little bit, wearing the right clothes to the clubhouse can certainly make up for a lack in skills. If you are in need of an improved golf wardrobe, here are some of the top trends that are fashionable today, from golf shirts for men down to good-looking shoes.


Men’s golf shirts continue to be one of the most important pieces in a golf wardrobe, since they can be used to add color, pattern, or style to an outfit. While cotton polo shirts were once the big hit on the course, today’s shirt options include more variety in materials, styles, and function. Athletic wear is becoming an increasingly large business, and golf attire is fitting right in. Moisture wicking fabric has become all the rage, insuring that you stay cool and comfortable throughout all 18 holes. The biggest stars in the golf world have partnered up with some of the top designers of athletic apparel to release shirts that they actually want to play in and frequently wear to their own tournaments.


Gone are the days when it was stylish to wear pantaloons tucked into tall, argyle socks. Instead, golf pants have become more casual, trading in the tweed for chinos. But don’t be mistaken in thinking that you can only wear khaki or neutral colored pants on the course. There are huge color options available, meaning that you can come up with some bright and bold wardrobe choices that will have you standing out among all the other players. These fashion-forward options are fun, funky, and perfect for any golfer that wants to be seen. From bright red to mint green, there are pants on the market today for any taste. Check out some of Peter Millar’s colorful options of lightweight golf pants.

Throwback Style 

While the future of golf fashion is definitely changing, many designers are looking to the past for inspiration. In the past, it seems, men were more likely to wear clothing on the links that they could also wear to events off the green. The combination of classy style and sportiness is popping up in pro-shops across the country. The look of the classics has been updated for today’s golfers, with slimmer cuts and more flattering fits, but the basics are all still there – golf shirts for men with thin, simple stripes; flat front trousers; and an all around gentlemanly look.

Performance Wear

On the other end of the spectrum comes the increase in performance wear on the course. Men who want to be comfortable and increase their skills while golfing are turning to these kinds of clothing options as a way to stay stylish while also getting the most out of their play.

When shopping to a new golf wardrobe, look for polo shirts that promise extra breathing room, pants that guarantee a freer swing, and shoes that will keep your feet feeling good through as many rounds as you would like to play.

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Published on: March 18, 2014

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