Tired Of Your Energy Supplier Bleeding You Dry? Do Something About It!

As the title suggests, many of us feel as if we are ripped off by the unfair charges and price rises on our energy bills. We understand that it is becoming harder to produce these days, thanks to natural resources running out and renewable sources woefully lacking. But we still see the’ big six’ making sickening profits.

You can do something about it if you take some common sense steps and make a few wise investments in your home. The investment will be high to begin with, but it will reward you immediately with lower bills, and the insulation and equipment will pay for themselves many times over.

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To start, you must make your property hold on to any heat that you generate and the only way to do that is with insulation. You can never have too much, and you can add to it over time if the cost is high.

  • Loft insulation is vital to stop your valuable heat escaping through the roof. It is a relatively inexpensive product when you consider the essential job it does.  You can buy rolls as and when you can afford them and lay the product in the attic. You can add many layers if you choose to do so; each one at ninety degrees to the one below. It means you will lose a valuable storage space, but we often only keep junk up there.
  • Cavity wall insulation will act as a warm coat around your house. A lot of the heat you lose goes out through the walls.
  • Double glazing is an expensive but necessary upgrade. It will cut down on condensation and heat loss in your rooms.
  • Draught excluders are cheap and useful products that you can find in your local DIY store. They are easy to fit and will stop all of those icy blasts of air from around your doors. Remember to cover the letterbox too.

High-tech heating is available from the latest thing, heat pumps. They can take the heat from the outside air and transfer it to your home according to the guys at The principle bears a similarity to that of a refrigerator if you imagine that the radiator on the back is the source of heat for your house. Though they run on electricity, they are efficient units that cost less to operate than central heating.

Solar panels are popping up everywhere are people try to save energy in their homes. They produce electricity as long as there is daylight, and the suppliers have a duty to pay you for the excess that you export onto the grid. The more panels you have, the better. That help you take the first steps towards a self-sufficient lifestyle too.

A wind turbine will help you to charge a bank of batteries whenever there is a breeze blowing. Those cells could light your home in the evenings thanks to the advances in LED technology. You could install a twelve volt circuit in your home easily enjoy the same light levels that you did previously.

You can slash your bills if you have the determination to do so. Remember, you heard it here first.

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