Tips for Maintaining Your Jet Ski

To keep your jet ski in good working order, you must regularly maintain it. Once you have made the investment in a personal watercraft, the right care means it will be operational for longer. If you are a new jet ski owner, or simply want to brush up on the basics, read on for tips to maintain your jet ski.

Familiarise Yourself with the Owner’s Manual

Different jet ski models will have their own specifications when it comes to servicing and repairs. The servicing requirements will depend on many factors, such as the jet ski’s power and size, whether it is used for leisure or sport and if it is a sit-down or stand-up model. If you don’t have a manual, visit somewhere like JSW Powersports, where the team can help determine the servicing needs of your jet ski. Regular servicing is highly recommended to keep your jet ski in safe working order.

Clear Out Remaining Water

Once you get back from your outing on the water, you will need to drain any water out of the jet ski. Load the jet ski onto a trailer or stand, then start the engine. Hold and release the throttle gently between 15 and 20 seconds to push any water out of the engine. Holding the throttle at a maximum speed will cause the engine to suck in air, which you want to avoid.

Wash Off Traces of Saltwater

Saltwater is corrosive, even for equipment that has been designed for use in the ocean. Wipe down the seat, handles and seals with a damp, soft cloth. Use tap water for rinsing off the hull and body of the jet ski and allow it to drain. Pick yourself up a purpose-made cleaner to remove any salt residue for the water craft and follow the instructions for diluting it. Once it is dry, polish the jet ski with a protector product, which can reduce sun and salt damage. You can also use a sponge to remove any algae from the underside as well.

Remove the Battery for Storage

If you are parking your jet ski during the cooler weather, take out the battery and store it somewhere dry. Damp places can lead to crystals forming on the battery posts, which can eventually cause the battery to lose charge. Check the fluid levels and charge the battery before use. If you don’t maintain the battery while it is in storage, it will most likely be flat the next time you go to use it.

Inspect Your Jet ski Regularly

Just like your car, a jet ski should be visually inspected regularly to find any issues. Check over the fluid levels of your coolant, fuel and oil tanks. Inspect the spark plugs and make sure all hoses are still connected. You should also check over the structure of the jet ski to identify any scratches or weak spots in the fibreglass. By regularly inspecting your watercraft, you can have any issues repaired before they get worse.

Following these maintenance tips can help extend the lifespan of your jet ski. Whether you ride for leisure or for sport, it pays to spend some time tending to your machine both before and after riding.

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