Three Key Elements to Building Muscle Fast


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Everyone has, in their mind, the ideal image of their perfect body. For most men, that’s an image covered in muscle. Today, men are more concerned with body image than women. That’s an astonishing turnaround from traditional ideas about image. Modern men want the perfect body, and they want it fast. Building muscle is difficult, and it’s not something to which everyone can adapt in quick time. With that in mind, here are the three key elements to remember when building muscle. They’ll help you get the best physique in a way that’s healthy and effective.



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It’s obvious that exercising is key to building muscle. By testing your muscles, you help to make them stronger. Weightlifting is the best way to achieve great results. It damages your muscles, so that they repair themselves and get stronger in the process. It’s good to start slow. Vary your approach, exercising different areas on different days. As soon as you feel yourself adapting, mix up your routine again. You should never let your body get settled with your workout regime. Changing your exercises every one to two months is a good idea. Weight training can be dull, so it’s also best to take an iPod down to the gym with you!



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When you’re gaining muscle, sticking to the correct diet is critical. Protein is the most important ingredient for anyone looking to bulk up their physique. Try eating meat like fillet steak, which is high in protein and calories. Fresh meat is the best source of protein by far. You can also boost your protein intake through nuts and whey protein. These are a good complement to a meat-based diet. They’ll also help increase your calorie intake. You need to ensure that you’re taking more in the calories you burn during exercise. If you don’t, you won’t gain any muscle at all. A good target to aim for is between 200 and 400 calories more than those you’ve burned.



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It may sound surprising, but rest is vital to building muscle. You can’t get anywhere if you’re not getting proper rest. Otherwise, your body can’t process at the right rate. Muscles don’t grow in the gym. They grow when you’re letting them rest and recover. In that spirit, don’t overdo it. Ensure you get enough rest. That is most essential at the start of your muscle-building programme. Your body isn’t used to such stress. It will be vulnerable, even weak. It needs rest. Don’t push yourself too hard, and never train a tired muscle. They can’t work in an effective manner without the proper rest. Don’t overlook this vital area of muscle growth.

Muscle growth is a long and difficult process. You can’t expect results overnight. What you can do is build a detailed programme of exercise, diet and rest. These three factors are more important than supplements and repetitions. If you’re strict with yourself, you can get great results. Muscles come with hard work. Make sure you’re putting the effort in, or you’ll get nowhere.

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