Three Awesome Career Choices For Creative Types

Whether it’s coming up with a recipe or designing a logo, creative people are most happy when they are involved in making something new. In the wrong job, creative types can feel very bored and frustrated. Does this apply to you and your current role? Do you crave a bit of creativity and imagination in your everyday life? If you have creative talent, here are some of the best career choices for you.



Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are responsible for designing artwork for businesses. This can include logos, posters, packaging, advertisements and much more. Graphic designers work closely with their clients to produce visual representations of the company’s purpose and values.

Graphic designers either work for a graphic design agency or are self-employed. The former will give you job security, but you have less freedom to choose the projects to work on. The latter gives you this freedom, but you will also have to deal with the challenges that come with running your own business.

Most professional graphic designers have earned a relevant qualification before entering the workforce. However, there are many success stories of self-made graphic designers. If you choose to teach yourself the ins and outs of graphic design you will have to be very self-disciplined. You may wish to check out the American Institute of Graphic Arts for more information on this industry.


Tony Alter

Tattoo Artist

Tattoo artists apply permanent tattoos to customer’s bodies. This is ideal for someone who likes working with people and who is looking for a job where no two days are the same. On a day to day basis, these artists will be commissioned by customers to design tattoos, they will apply tattoos and sometimes they will be involved in tattoo removal.

To become a tattoo artist, you must have excellent drawing and designing skills. You will be required to complete an apprenticeship with a senior artist, which normally takes around two years. For the first few months of your apprenticeship, you will be shadowing your mentor, and you will learn about proper sanitation and safety measures. When you are deemed ready, you will begin tattooing customers under supervision.


Video Game Developer

Game Developers produce video games on a number of different platforms including the internet, PCs, games consoles, and smartphones. There are many different roles you can take on as a video game developer from an animator to a programmer. What niche you go into will depend on your particular creative skillset.

Most game developers will have relevant academic background. There are many relevant study programs you can complete which may help you break into the video game developing world. For example, a degree in animation would be appropriate for an animation role. And a software engineering background would be suitable for video game programming position.

To succeed in the video game industry, you’ll need to have an honest passion for games. Studios are looking for employees who know what makes a good and a bad video game for players. You should be prepared to work long and often unsociable hours.

Decide once and for all to put your creative skills to use and find out more about these awesome career choices.



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