The Ultimate Men’s Gift Buying Guide

Buying presents for other men isn’t easy. In fact, it can be incredibly difficult to get right. Buying for men is difficult and no one wants the multitude of rubbish socks and pungent men’s toiletries. Men’s presents can be a little humdrum. This guide will provide excellent inspiration beyond the usual smelly gift sets and musical ties and ensure that you never have to hand over the receipt again.


Hampers are not just the gift of choice for parents, or grandparents, at Christmas time. think about what your gift recipient likes. What are their hobbies, what are their interests? For example, beer hampers are a great gift for a sports fan. In fact, beer hampers make a great gift for most people. Think about what beer or alcohol they like. Are they a fan of real ales, or do they prefer lagers from around the world? Are they a whisky aficionado? Whatever their poison, try getting a small range of their favourite alcoholic drinks and arrange into a hamper. Who would not want to receive the gift of alcohol? Similarly, why not opt for personalised alcohol related gifts. These include personalised bottle openers, adorned with the quirky and personal details of your recipients. Alcohol and personalised alcohol related gifts are the ultimate present for those who enjoy the finer things in life.

Sports Themed Gifts

Most men love their sports, regardless of what it is, whether they are interested in football, rugby, cricket or hockey, there is a sport for everyone. Many sports stadiums offer tours of their ground, so tickets for something like this is a must for the ultimate sports fan. Similarly, why not get them their clubs kit as gift, personalised with their name and favourite number. While this is an expensive gift to give, it will ensure serious brownie points with your recipient. After all, what man does not love sports?


Regardless of the occasion, jewellery is always a gift that is a sure fire hit. Think about your recipient’s personal style. Are they cool, urbane individuals? If so, opt for funky silver jewellery, adorned with leather straps and stones. Are they are little more old fashioned? Then opt for gold jewellery in a chunky fit. Are they the epitome of classic man who cuts more of a Don Draper figure? Then opt for a classic watch with a timeless face. Watches are the perfect gift for men. Jewellery is something of a more intimate gift, so it’s probably not advisable to buy this kind of gift for a work colleague. Jewellery is perfect for dads, brothers, sons and so forth, but may also be a great gift for your best man. Ensure that you keep a close eye on their style and match up accordingly. You are sure to not go wrong.


Art doesn’t have to be pretentious and expensive; likewise it is probably best not to invest in art from Ikea either. Again, think about the recipient’s personal tastes and purchase art accordingly. Art can come in the form of paintings, drawings or sculptures so choose well.

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