The Ultimate Guide To A Lad’s Night In

If nights out with your mates are starting to get a little boring, then you’re in need of a fresh experience. You’ve heard about girly nights in, so why can’t men have a ‘lads night in’?

Once you’ve pimped out your man cave, a night of drinking and sport watching with the dudes is inevitable. You’ve got that big, bold sound blasting out of the home theater system, a flat screen with more square footage than your back garden, and more game consoles than a pale sub-urban teenager; the perfect ammo for a lads night in.

First thing’s first; a girls night in is totally different to a lads, so get that comparison out of your head. I don’t think your mates will appreciate a bottle of Rosé and The Notebook. There’ll be a lot of butt scratching, foul language, flailing arms and general lad banter – so get the beers in and find something to scream at on TV.

It might not be that primitive, so it’ll help to maybe lay out some finger foods and a few rolls of kitchen towel. Make sure there are enough chairs for everyone, so you don’t get done over by the ‘take a trek, lose your spec’ rule.

With that said, let’s have a look at some of the things lads can do on their nights in:


Playing poker is certainly one way to find out who your friends are. In this case, however, you have none. It’s dog-eat-dog when it comes to a game of male poker, so play your cards close to your chest and wear that pokerface you’ve been practicing for so long in the mirror every morning.


FIFA 14 is perhaps one of the greatest ways to get the party started. If you’re inviting an even number of mates over, get them to bring their controllers so you can all join in and see who is FIFA king. Trust me, you’ll be thought of as a God if you stay unbeaten – just don’t rub it in.

Live sports

Going back to the point about arm flailing and screaming at the expensive rectangle in the corner of the room; watching live sports games is a perfect way to get everyone in the drinking mood. Find yourself a decent NFL live stream, slide the furniture closer to the TV and let the drama unfold.

To throw a great lads night in, a surplus of finger food and beverages figure prominently. Finding the sweet spot is important, too. That’s the viewing area in front of your flat screen that has the best picture quality. This may require moving the furniture around a little as advised.

Another nice touch is to print out a listing of stats, facts and figures for the current gaming season, as well as a schedule of future televised events. If the guys get bored during halftime or want to check on future matchups, they’ll have the information at their fingertips – or you could even have another round of FIFA (if the black eyes and haven’t been dished out by the sore loser already).

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