The Top 6 Weird and Wonderful Travel Gadgets

Travelling is the spice of life. We all love to get on board a plane and take off to a foreign, unknown land. Whether you are going in a couple or as part of a group, you are sure to have an amazing time. Travel broadens the mind, or so we are told. One of the burdens of travelling is that you are not au fait with the locality. You may find that your dream holiday has turned to dust when you are lost in translation. However, in the wondrous age of technology, there are amazing gadgets that can help you with your quest to travel easily.

Of course, there are some truly useful innovations. On the other hand, there are some utterly bizarre devices too. Let’s take a look at the top six weird and wonderful travel gadgets. You be the judge of their usefulness:

1.    Steri-Pen

The Steri-Pen is both bizarre and useful. If you are travelling into the unknown, you can ensure that you always have safe drinking water within our midst. The Steri-Pen utilises a UV light to make sure that any water that you drink is safe. In short, the light sterilises the water. Not only will you make a small saving with not buying bottled water, but you won’t get caught thirsty again. This device is weird but certainly wonderful.

2.    Re-Timer

Do you suffer from crippling jet lag? If so, then the Re-Timer will certainly be the ultimate travel gadget for you. The odd looking glass emit green light into your eyes to ensure that your body is ‘tricked’ into a regular sleeping pattern. It balances out the body’s circadian rhythm guaranteeing that you feel normal a lot more quickly.

3.    Scrubba Wash Bag

The Scrubba means that you will never have to wash your clothes in a washing machine again. Yes, that is a little odd. You simply put all of your clothes into the Scrubba and wash in any clean water that you may find.

4.    Mu Classic

For tech junkies, the Mu Classic will save your bacon. The nifty plug has USB adaptors as well as two and three pins. It is the ultimate travel companion.

5.    Lion Air App

Technically, this is not a gadget, but it still has to be included in this guide as it will help you travel in a much more real way. The Lion Air App for iOS can enable you to get any Lion Air tickets for your travels. If you are travelling around Indonesia, this is the ultimate app for you. Finding domestic flights within Asia has never been easier. For the most-intrepid explorer, this app will be a godsend.

6.    Ostrich Pillow Light

Let’s finish this guide on a truly weird note. If you want a pillow to wrap around your eyes when you travel, the Ostrich Pillow Light is perfect for you. It acts as a pillow and a light blocker, meaning that you can sleep anywhere with ease. You may look a little weird, but who will be laughing when you are getting an awesome nights sleep?


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