The Top 5 Things That You Need to Do Before You Turn 30

Dirty thirty. The age that suddenly makes you realise that you need to be a grown up. No one wants to become a fully fledged adult, but it does come to us all. If you are on the brink of turning thirty, or have a few good years yet, you are undoubtedly compiling a bucket list in earnest.

Have you thought about the things you are going to do before you turn thirty? If not, why? The world beyond thirty is unknown. It’s not all about meeting the woman of your dreams, getting married and having babies. Even if this is the route you want to take, you need to have some fun first.


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Let’s have a look at the top five things that you need to do before you turn thirty.

1.    Swim With Dolphins

Yes. Its cliché. But, have you ever swum with dolphins? These magical creatures are nothing short of amazing. Everyone wants to cosy up with Flipper. What is more, you can swim with dolphins in the most unusual of locations. Caribbean, anyone? Couple your swim with a top notch holiday. You won’t regret it.

2.    Pass Your Driving Test

If you are getting to work via public transport, you need to sort it out. The commute is horrific. Who wants to get the bus or train to work? No one. Take proactive steps into becoming an adult. Book your lessons at once! For the laziest of men among us, you can even book your theory test online. You will only have to leave the house for your driving lessons. Assert your independence as a grown up. Get driving.

3.    Skydiving

Swimming with dolphins may be a tad tame for some adrenalin junkies. Get your heart pounding and go skydiving. Many people will applaud your efforts of throwing yourself out of the plane. You can even raise money for your favourite charity. A good deed and a brand new experience all in one? What could go wrong?

4.    Travel

Travel broadens the mind. It makes us better people. It makes us become world citizens. Ignore the students that found themselves in Thailand. You need to travel in order to become a better person. Avoid Benidorm and take yourself off to the far-flung corners of the earth. I can guarantee that nothing will compare. Save your money, work hard and go travelling. You won’t regret it.

5.    Learn a Language

Amidst all of the fun stuff, you need to set yourself up for being thirty. Nothing is more liberating than learning a new language. In fact, if you are keen to make waves for yourself beyond thirty, a language will prove to be a valuable skill. You are never too old to learn something new. Languages can be challenging, but it is part of the fun. Learning something new will keep you young, beyond thirty. Challenging yourself is part of life. If you are not up to the challenge, you are not up for turning thirty.

Thirty is the new twenty. Your whole life is ahead of you, but with fewer shots and a lot more sleep.

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