The Top 5 City Cars for 2014

2014’s city cars are making a big impact. Any city slicker will show you the importance of having an awesome commute route. They will also tell you that you need to get your hands on a city car. Big city life is the best. Nothing quite compares. What you need is a car that meets your hedonistic lifestyle.

Let’s take a look at the best city cars for 2014.

The VW Up!

This little car is nothing short of sporty. It has something of a boxy design and looks masculine. The additional sports features and superb handling nature of the car make it the perfect city car. The Up! despite its use of exclamation marks, is a magnificent car at a great price. It comes in a wide range of neon colours too. It is the perfect car for those who want to make a big impact. The Up! Also comes with the interior features of the Golf. What is not to love?

Citroen C1

The classic Citroen C1 had been doing the rounds for some time now. It has all the classic features that distinguish Citroen, but in a smaller, more compact design. The C1 has been the perfect city car for the last five years. Why mess with the best? If you want a robust car that is ideal for city life, this is the ultimate car for you. Carco Group has stated that this is their most-popular selling Citroen. Great news all round!

Skoda Citigo

There was a time where the mere mention of Skoda would send shivers down the spine of any man. Not anymore. In 2014, the Citigo is proving to be an excellent addition to the city car scene. As this comes in a range of sports colours, it is becoming a firm favourite with many. The light controls and attractive running costs make it a cost-effective solution to city life. Let’s be honest, living in the city can be expensive. You don’t want your car to be another outrageous expense. The Citigo has it all; compact, robust and light to drive.

Fiat Panda

Yes. The humble Fiat Panda is back and this time it’s personal. This car has seen a drastic style overhaul. It looks the bee’s knees. What is more, it is exempt from road tax due its Twin Air emissions. Good work, Panda. At 67 MPG, it is a cost effective car all round. It’s a shame that your pride won’t let you drive a Panda as this will save you a small fortune in commuting fees.

Hyundai i10

The Korean brand certainly masterminded a winner when they introduced the i10. This cars focus is practicality and affordability. The success of this car inspired the Fiat 500, which has seen a tremendous increase in recent times. The i10 however is where it all started. It is not a nifty car by any means, but if affordability is at the top of your priorities, this is the way to go. It’s a nice looking car, too.


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