The Only Guide to Choosing an Engagement Ring You Will Ever Need

Deciding to propose can be daunting enough, but not as much as deciding to propose with a ring. If you want your proposal to be a surprise and can’t risk discussing it with your fiancée-to-be, it leaves you with the huge task of finding a ring she’ll love. Follow these steps and you’ll find ring-buying success.

Check Her Ring Size

Firstly, and most importantly, make sure you know her ring size. Rings can be resized, but it will be an extra hassle and extra cost. She’ll thank you for having a ring that already fits her. If you don’t know her ring size, try asking someone who does. If no one knows her ring size, take a ring that you know fits her ring finger (be sure to put it back). You can either use the ring to find her ring size using an online tool or measurement chart, or you can take it into the store with you.

Ask Her Friends and Family

If your partner has friends or family who can be trusted to keep a secret, try asking them for help. Make sure they know her style and personality well – don’t just pick a distant aunt because she’s a female relative. If you don’t think anyone can keep a secret, it’s up to you to decide whether it’s more important to keep the surprise or to find the perfect ring.

Take the Subtle Approach

There are plenty of ways to be subtle about trying to figure out what sort of ring she would like. Pay attention to what she wears now, and to what she looks at in stores and catalogues. If you don’t feel it’s too much an invasion of privacy, check her internet history (or just peer over her shoulder). You never know, she might already be looking at engagement rings.

Take the Not-So-Subtle Approach

For a less subtle approach, walk her right past a jeweler’s window. If she doesn’t stop, stop her yourself and point out something else until her eye is caught by the rings. Of course, you can point straight to the rings if you’re feeling brave enough.

Just Wing It

Don’t forget, you are about to propose to her. You should know her pretty well by now, and if you feel like you don’t need any help then go for it. Ask the jeweler for help if you’re going into a store, and check their website beforehand to get an idea of what you’ll be looking at. provide exclusive engagement rings in Houston, and you can look at their rings before visiting the showroom.

No one will be able to tell you what your girlfriend wants in a ring, unless they know her well. Friends and family can help you, as can a good jeweler with a little direction, but don’t guess based on what other women like. Have confidence in how well you know her, and remember: it can always be exchanged.




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