The Man’s Guide To Doing Up The Front Of His House


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We’re right in the middle of summer, so it’s a great time to get out in the sun and put your DIY hat on. We love taking on a big home project here at Fantastic Man Magazine. It gives you that feeling of achievement, and you get extra man points the bigger the job! It doesn’t get much bigger than taking on the front of your property. We’re all guilty of neglecting this crucial aspect of our home. Remember, it’s the first thing that you or any visitor sees. You’ve got to take pride in this front exterior. There are one or two big jobs here, but we’ll start with the small ones first, shall we?

Keep the lawn tidy – The first tip is all about presentation. With the summer in full swing, you should mow your lawn once a fortnight, ideally. If you don’t stay on top of it, weeds will creep in and it will start to look untamed. It doesn’t take long to throw the lawnmower around the front garden, so make it part of your routine. Get rid of the weeds and trim the edges with a strimmer. If your front garden has lots of overgrown bushes or overhanging trees, trim them back neatly.

New front door – For the average DIYer, this is an ambitious job, but it’s well worth trying yourself. It’s not as hard as you think to replace a front door, but you will need a full weekend to do it. Not to mention, some manly tools as well! Don’t rush this in a day, or you’ll run out of time! And, no-one wants to go to bed with the door hanging off their house. Your front door makes a big impression to the front aspect of the property. Choose your style and colour carefully. If this project is a little too ambitious, try replacing the features, like the door knob, the knocker, and the letterbox.

Rendering or siding – If the last two projects were relatively simple, this one takes things up a notch. You might want to hire a little professional help with your siding or rendering. The siding is the wooden panels that adorn the front of many American properties. Choosing the right colour and design might just make or break the front aspect. When it comes to rendering (or any form of plastering), it’s best to leave it to the experts. It’s very difficult to achieve a perfect finish.

Replace driveways and paths – The paths and driveways are the first to deteriorate in the front yard. We drive over them with our cars, and slowly weaken the material. Pathways have a tendency to crack, and weeds then infiltrate these cracks. It can look unsightly, and it will only get worse. Pull them up, and replace them with newer, modern slabs for the perfect finish.

The front of your home is something that every man should take pride in. Taking on these jobs will also boost your property’s resale value. So, set aside this weekend, and get stuck in.

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