The Larger Man’s Guide to Buying Fashionable Clothes

Being a bigger man does not mean that you have to compromise on style, being a bigger man just means that there is more to love. While the high street may cater for the slimmer man (skinny jeans and One Direction, here is looking at you) the internet is home to a plethora of larger gents clothing websites. If you are taller gent, buying on the high street can be a demoralising experience. Regardless of your weight and height, you should be able to find the perfect outfit to suit you. If you are stuck in a style rut, then this guide will serve as inspiration for the larger, but incredibly dapper, gent.

The key is to invest in wardrobe staples. This includes a crisp white shirt, bang on trend brown brogues as well as good quality denim jeans. Adding stylish accessories can complete the look in an instant. Leather satchels never go out of style and neither does a well designed watch. The more expensive the watch the better. It is always better to let your wrists do the talking and who does not love a stylish timepiece. If you like your watches a little on the vintage side, a good pocket watch oozes class and style. Go for gold metal pocket watches for a truly dandy look. Silver pocket watches look equally as good but make sure that the silver is real as opposed to plated so that it does not look cheap. Just because you are on the larger side, does not mean that you have to compromise on looking good. Go for well cut, and well designed items of clothing to emphasise your good points and hide your bad. Wardrobe staples should also include a sharp, well tailored suit. All the ladies love a man in a well cut suit, so ensure that you invest wisely, and should you choose to put your fine pocket watch in your breast pocket, you are going to look incredible. A good suit should take you from office to bar with minimum fuss. For the larger gent, a darker suit will have a slimming effect. For the taller man, go for greys and navy blues to show off your incredible long, lean legs. Go for suits in classic colours such as grey tones, blacks and navy blues. Do not dismiss them as boring, they are timeless. While a bottle green suit in a pink check design may be on trend now,  the sad fact is, it will date quickly, leaving you out of pocket in the blink of an eye. Invest wisely in your wardrobe staples so you can re-wear them year on year and still look as handsome as ever. If you are stuck for inspiration, check out big mens clothing.

Due to a taller, and larger, population the rise in big men’s clothing has seen fantastic growth. That means that prices have been driver down due to popular demand. In short, this means that you can look great for less. Aside from the price, this means that there is also a greater choice for big and tall men. You will not have to suffer the unflattering designs that used to pervade department stores and online retailers, you can now look as good as you feel. With a greater choice available, smaller men will be envious of your amazing wardrobe. There has never been a better time to be a big, tall man.

Usually, the bigger and taller the man, the larger the shoe size. And we all know what big feet mean. Yes, big shoes. Finding bigger shoes for the larger man can be a minefield, especially when finding shoes that are fashionable and trendy. The last thing you want to be wearing is a pair of old man loafers, simply because they are the only thing in your size. The great news is, that shoes are now coming in larger sizes, not just for men, but for women too. For some baffling reason, our feet are becoming larger, which means that companies now have to cater for the larger footed man. Now is a good time to invest in some good quality shoes. Brogues are a great way of looking smart and feeling good. Invest in some good quality, leather brogues to ensure that you stay ahead in the style stakes. Moreover, if you are looking for something more casual, opt for a basketball boot style trainer. the length of the trainer will make your legs look leaner and more appealing to the ladies.

The biggest challenges that big and tall men face is that they cannot find good quality fashionable clothes that fit. As previously mentioned, the key to this is the internet and specialist companies that cater for bigger men.

On the high street, this challenge is known by the bigger man all too well. The issues that larger men face are illfitting clothing that are badly designed. What is more, they are largely unfashionable and you are fairly certain that your granddad would not be seen dead in what the high street has to offer. Buying off the rack can be problematic, but there is a solution. Go custom made.

While shopping and buying custom made clothes is not entirely cost effective, it does mean that you can buy clothes that actually fit. Visiting a good tailor is the key to finding well cut shirts and suits that fit like a dream. Of course, this is not practical for your casual wear, but certainly seek the advice of an expert tailor or clothing guru to ensure a practical solution to your suit needs.

If you are looking for style that both shows the professional you and the fun you, then take a look at the multitude of online retailers than can help you with your big and tall fashion dilemmas. Being a big man is something to be proud of and your clothing should reflect your inner (and outer) confidence. The big and tall man is the real man of 2014. Reclaim your stylish persona and shop until you drop.

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