The Incredible Hanging Bed For Contemporary Bedrooms

If you arm yourself with some carpentry tools and some beautiful exotic timber this weekend, you could make a beautiful hanging bed in your bedroom. Beds don’t have to be boring if you build a futuristic structure that hangs from the ceiling by four posts rather than standing on four legs. It isn’t as hard as you might think at first. Keep reading, and I will tell you how.

Select your materials first. You have a choice of a painted finish or using timber with a beautiful grain that makes the bed look high-quality and expensive. If you are on a budget, opt for paint, you can use cheaper wood that keeps the cost of the project low.

The bed hangs four posts, one on each corner. You can’t attach those posts to the ceiling; they must go through it into the loft where you can fix them securely. Mark the position of the holes for the timber on the ceiling. The structure looks best if you use chunky wood; I suggest four or six inch posts. Cut the holes with a hacksaw blade. You must make sure that there isn’t a beam in the way of any of them. This bed will move a little when you sleep, and that could cause the ceiling to crack where the posts go through it. Make the holes a little bigger than they need to be and cover them with a neat wooden trim around the posts.

You are going to attach the posts to some thick pieces of wood that rests on top of and spans many of the joists in the attic. I suggest you use timber that has a cross section of at least six inches by two inches. It must be long enough to distribute the load it will carry across the ceiling. Drill holes and use bolts to fix the posts to it.

You now need to build the bed platform on the posts. Join them with planks of wood. Use thick timber to make the bed look sturdy. Attach some lengths of wood to the inside of those planks near to the bottom. They will support the base of the bed that you will construct from chipboard. Use loft panels from your local building supplies store. They are strong enough to carry your weight when you are in bed. You can mount the boards on top of the frame if you like; it is your choice.

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If you measure for the holes correctly, your mattress should drop into the bed. Your bedroom will look less cluttered, and the space-age structure will make a statement about your modern attitude towards interior design. It might creak a bit when you first use it, but if the construction is solid, it will settle down.

It is a fantastic project for you to enjoy. Its success depends upon the quality of workmanship and materials. Use wood glue wherever you insert a screw or bolt and the structure will be rigid. You can make the bed at any height to free up valuable space. It is great fun; enjoy it!

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