The Ideal Wedding Day For Men

A wedding day is supposed to be a once in a lifetime experience for the bride and groom. Sadly that is not always the case as the pressures of modern life force people apart. Previous generations thought that a divorce was something to avoid at all costs. It seems nowadays that some people get married in the knowledge that it is not forever.

It is the bride and her friends and family that usually make most of the arrangements for the big day; the groom is happy to go along with them. But it is the groom’s big day too, so the arrangements should cater for you.

Here are some ideas for the ideal wedding day for men.

Hold An Early Ceremony

Whether you are to be married in a church or registry office, try to hold an early ceremony. Yes, the ladies need about five hours to prepare themselves, but during that time your anxiety increases. It probably only takes about thirty minutes for you to get ready. Hanging around gives you time to think and worry. It is not unusual for a man to have a faint odour of alcohol on his breath when he takes the vows. Your best man should be with you all day, so don’t hang around the house, go to your local pub to kill a couple of hours for some Dutch courage. After all, that is why they invented mints, in my opinion.

Travel Arrangements

Most men love cars, and the wedding day is a chance for them to ride in a set of wheels that you never normally would. Hire something special for the day. provides wedding limo services with vehicles to make your mouth water. Here are a few ideas for wedding cars that you might not have thought about.

  • A Vintage Excalibur: It looks like it came straight out of a gangster movie from the nineteen thirties. Vintage vehicles will certainly make heads turn.
  • Stretched Range Rover: It is not ideally suited for off-road sports anymore, but it lets you travel in style.
  • Jaguar XJ: The Iconic British manufacturer found a new lease of life when BMW took the reins. A stretched Jag is something special.

After The Ceremony

The wedding reception is a time for both of you to enjoy. Do you want to have a formal dinner or would you rather enjoy yourself in another way? Put your point of view across early in the planning stage. Perhaps you would prefer to hire a DJ and boogie the night away to the latest tunes, or maybe you would prefer to hire a band. An informal buffet is sometimes the best way to feed your hungry guests. Not everyone likes formality.

At The End Of The Evening

There is nothing to say you must use the same car at the end of the evening. Arrange for a different model to whisk you off to the hotel, airport, or any other destination.

As you can see, cars play a part in the ideal wedding day for men, and since the occasion costs so much, you deserve to have your say in some of the arrangements. Good luck with that, it is an uphill struggle. I hope you have a happy life together.


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