The Gentleman’s Guide To Facial Grooming

It doesn’t matter whether you want to have a smooth, baby-faced appearance or a rough-and-ready look similar to the band members from ZZ Top, male facial grooming is an essential part of all men’s daily rituals.

I seem to go through phases of being clean-shaven and having a beard, but I guess a lot of men go through similar phases too. For the most part, I prefer having a slight stubble as the clean-shaven look always makes me look like I’m about 18 years old!

One surprising fact that I have recently discovered is that there are a number of men out there that don’t know how to ‘correctly’ groom their faces! You can usually spot these people because they walk around with red spots on their faces where they shaved too aggressively!

As you are reading this article, I suspect that you are probably one of those people. But don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed, because the subject of facial grooming is not something men automatically know about as they make the transition from childhood into adulthood.

Today’s blog post is all about facial grooming for gentlemen just like you!

Incorporate a pre-shave and post-shave routine

When I was a shaving newbie, I would just simply get a bit of foam on my face and start shaving. But it wasn’t until some years later that I realised the process of shaving one’s face is more involved than that, and ever since I incorporated a pre-shave and post-shave routine, the skin on my face feels smoother.

Obviously all men’s skin is different, but generally speaking you should think about adding the following into your routine:

  • Use a facial scrub before shaving to clean those pores and soften your beard;
  • Use aftershave balm once you have shaved. If you have sensitive skin, don’t use anything with alcohol in it as your face will feel like someone has just set it on fire!

Don’t shave before you shower

I know a lot of guys that shave by their bathroom sink before having a shower, but this is the wrong way around!

As Tom from Skin Care For Men Explained says, having a nice hot shower first will help your face’s skin pores to open up, so that you can be sure that you will have a seamless shave that offers little in the way of skin irritation!

When you get a shave from a barber shop, they will often put hot flannels on your face for this very same reason – especially if you are having an old-school shave with a straight razor!

Invest in a decent razor

I personally use a safety razor (i.e. the ones that you install a single razor blade into) as I prefer them to disposable razors or ones that have disposable heads, but you might obviously prefer something different to me.

Whatever you decide to use, make sure that the razor is made by a good quality brand and doesn’t feel like you are shaving your face with a rusty knife! The usual suspects (Gillette, Wilkinson and so forth) are good brands, but I would avoid supermarket own-label brands unless you are broke!

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