The Essential Guide To Transitional Style 2014

Keeping up with men’s style needn’t be difficult. Many people think that they need to change their entire persona to be a fashionable person. In fact, keep up to date with the latest trends and styles is easy. So long as you have your staple wardrobe pieces, you can change your look according to the season with ease. There is no need to go out and buy a completely new wardrobe each time the season changes. Instead, you can work with the things that you already own to create new individual looks. Remember, when buying clothing you always need to ensure that you buy quality. You don’t need to shop often, if you know how to shop well. Investing in pieces that will last you means that you won’t have to spend a great deal of money on replacing items when they break. You might have to spend a little more money on the pieces that you buy, but it is an investment. Doing so will mean that you have a great scope of things from which to choose.

We are now moving into fall 2014, and so it is time to overhaul your wardrobe and get to grips with transitional style. Transitional pieces are ones that help you move from season to season. You can wear these pieces in the summer, fall and even the winter so long as you pair them with the right things. During this time of year, the weather can be unpredictable. That means that you can never be sure what to wear. Save yourself hassle by getting transitional style pieces that will suit any weather.

Denim designs

Denim is ideal for all seasons. The cool look of denim means that it is perfect for summer wear, whilst the fact that denim is so heavy means it can also keep you warm. Pairing summer essentials with a denim jacket or jeans makes a great transitional outfit. It is not time to give up on your summer outfits just yet. Wear some long men’s shorts with a heavy denim jacket for a perfect evening look. This look is calm and appears effortless. In fact, you don’t have to put much effort into this look at all.

Blazers and suit jackets

It is incredible what a smart blazer can do for an outfit. It almost doesn’t matter what else you wear when you slip on a blazer. The smart cut and chic design of a blazer makes you look stylish in an instant. Invest in a great quality blazer that will last you a matter of years. When buying a blazer, you should make sure that the material is thick and sturdy. Opt for classic colors such as blue, black or grey as these colors will match any outfit. Always get a blazer or suit jacket that is a couple of sizes larger than you need. The jacket should last you throughout the year. During the winter, you will need to wear the blazer over sweaters, and so having a large size will be a huge help.

Thin scarves and neckties

For the metrosexual man, there are scarves. You have to be confident in your appearance to pull this look off. A thin, knitted scarf works to tie a whole range of looks together. When you are wearing transitional pieces, that work for both summer and fall, you need something to tie the look together. A scarf is a great way to take a look from summer to fall in one simple step. Opt for bright colors and patterns to give the look an extra special feel. This season is all about thin scarves. Forget wearing big, bulky scarves that look like you knitted them yourself. Instead, opt for sleek designs that are more fashionable than they are practical. The weather is not cold enough for you to need a scarf just yet. A thin scarf is a fashion piece, rather than a piece that will keep you warm. This trend is likely to continue into next year, and so you should make sure that you buy a quality piece now that will last.

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Clean, crisp shirts

Through the summer, you have likely been wearing plain t-shirts. Now it is time to take things up a notch. Clean, crisp shirts make any summer outfit look fit for fall. You only need to buy a few shirts to last you through the season. Bright shirts look a little over the top. Instead, choose plain white or blue shirts that you can put on at a moment’s notice. Pair the shirt with some chinos to complete the look. When the evenings begin to get a little cooler, you should try this look out. Make sure that you choose a cotton shirt rather than a blend material. Having a cotton piece means that you always look like you’ve made that extra bit of effort.

Boat shoes

In the fall, you need something that is less formal that suit shoes, but gives you more protection than sandals. Boat shoes are a current trend that look perfect as part of an entire outfit. Make sure that you choose a style that suits the rest of your wardrobe. Opt for blue or black when choosing a boat shoe design. These colors will go with most outfits and can also double as smart wear. These shoes will not be suitable for winter but should see you through fall. Look for an inexpensive fashion pair that will suit your needs.

Light sweaters

You need to find a sweater that will suit you when things get cool. Choose a light colored sweater that you can carry with you and slip over any outfit. Make sure that you choose a plain design that will look great no matter what you’re wearing. Earthy green and brown tones look fantastic during fall as they mimic nature. Save your knitted sweaters for winter and stick to a light material. It is not cold enough to wear large, bulky sweaters. Instead, make sure that you opt for cooler pieces.

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