The Complete Guide To Buying A Car

If you’re buying your first car, you may not have a clue what you’re doing. There’s no shame in looking for help and advice. Let this article be a guide for you when buying a car.

Where Can I Buy A Car?

There are many places you can buy cars, both online and in the flesh:

Online Trade Sites

There are online car trading sites that let individuals buy/sell cars. You can search for a specific car, or search for cars near you. The cars on these sites are either sold by individuals or dealerships.

Online Dealerships

Going directly to the manufacturer’s site is another way you can buy a car. Their sites will only display cars they make, and they’re all new. The downside of this is that cars are usually at their max price on dealer’s websites

Car Dealerships

You can go to a car dealership in the flesh to buy a car. This is the most common way of buying a car, as it’s the easiest. You can see the cars for yourself and even go for test drives.


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Shall I Buy New Or Second Hand?

One of the biggest questions you’ll face are whether or not to go for new or used cars. Each has their positives and negatives:


A new car is fresh and hasn’t been used by anyone else. This means you’re getting it at the start of its life cycle. The car won’t be worn down, and everything will be brand new and working properly. The downside of new cars is that they tend to be expensive. Of course, it depends on the car. A new Hyundai could still be cheaper than an old BMW. But when the same two cars are concerned, the used will be cheaper.


Can be much, much cheaper than a new car. Used cars are also a lot easier to negotiate a price for. For someone buying a new car, used is usually the best way to go. The negatives of a used car are basically all the positives of a new. You may have some wear and tear here and there. There could be some minor problems with the car that get worse over time.

What Car Should I Buy?

Be sensible when you’re buying a car, don’t bite off more than you can chew. Yes, there are some nice sports cars around, but they don’t always make great daily cars. If you’re buying a car to drive around every day, you should buy something that fits the bill. Also, car insurance price can change depending on the type of car. The insurance on a Vauxhall Corsa is considerably cheaper to that of an Audi R8. No matter what kind of car you want, it should be one you can afford to run.


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You can easily get confused when looking to buy a car, it’s only natural. There’s so much information out there; it’s hard to know where to look first. In this piece I’ve tried to point you towards the information you need the most. Hopefully, it can help you understand everything a little bit more. The only thing left to do is go out there and get yourself a car!

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