The Classic Harrington: Why You Need One

Spring is drawing to a speedy close and summer is coming. We all know what that means; new clothes. If you are an average man about town, you are probably desperate to get your hands on some fresh new threads. Outerwear is pretty important and is often overlooked in the UK. Let us be honest, the weather, even in the summer is dismal. This is why you need to consider investing your coffers in a Harrington. The epitome of cool, the Harrington has been doing the rounds since the 1970s and has no sign of disappearing anytime soon. Year on year the Harrington is updated and has been manufactured by a number of different designers, such as Lambretta and Farrah.


The Harrington has been a fashion mainstay in the UK for what seems like forever. Think of classic icons that every man loves; Steve McQueen, Elvis and James Dean have all owned one. The revival of Mod culture has helped bring the Harrington to 2014. The Harrington may have been tweaked, redesigned and bang on trend. Every modern man should own one.

How to Wear a Harrington:

In order to make your Harrington work for the summer then you need to invest in a white colour. This may not be ideal for the messier man, but it certainly makes for a cool investment. The key is to team your Harrington with jeans and canvas shoes to ensure that it remains effortlessly stylish for spring and summer 2014. A black Harrington can be worn with black jeans and a Breton striped t-shirt. The Breton striped t shirt is the epitome of classic British cool and is perfect for the impending summer months. If you want to add an edge to your new look, finish with a pair of tan coloured loafers and add a matching leather satchel.

Keep it classic when wearing your Harrington. Ditch the chinos and printed t-shirts, the key to wearing this cool jacket is to keep it old school. Denim is a must as are sneakers.

The key is to tip your hat to the 1950s scene. Rock a gravity defying pompadour haircut to complete the look. Black work boots complete the 1950s look.

What Brands to Look Out For:

Original Harrington jackets can be sought from a wide range of vintage and retro shops. However, finding one can be a chore as vintage store owners cannot guarantee what stock they will carry.

Take a look at new designs of classic Harrington jacket, by Lambretta, Farah and Ralph Lauren, these English heritage labels offer a master class in Harrington style replicas, to update your wardrobe. Get the Label have some great pieces that are certainly worth investing in.

So, with the warmer weather desperately attempting to come our way, it is time to ditch your existing winter wear and invest in an amazing Harrington. If you want ooze classic British style, then invest in a Harrington. The versatility of the classic coat means it can be slotted into your wardrobe with ease. Go Harrington.

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