The Best Reasons To Buy An IPhone Over An Android



In our modern day lives, our phones are among the most important gadgets we own. Now, because they are so advanced, the right phone can complete almost any task and do it remotely. Some people would rather do without their right arm than their mobile phone! That is how important they are, and that is how important your decision is when you buy a new phone. To make sure you don’t make a big mistake, buy an iPhone over an Android. What, you don’t think an iPhone is the best choice?

Malware Protection

A study by security firm F-Secure revealed that almost ninety-nine percent of malware and viruses target Android devices. In basic terms, that means Apple products like iPhones are far safer than any Android product. Yes, you can install as much anti-virus software as you like, but why take the chance? Nowadays, we use our phones for online shopping and banking, and that puts our financial information at risk.

App Store

All apps that you can get for Android you can also get for Apple products. But, it doesn’t work the other way around. Apple is completely different software and is not compatible with Android products. So, if you have an iPhone, you have far more choice when it comes to apps. But, if you have a regular phone you are limited to only a number of apps that you can use. Not every app is a game that you play when you are bored. Some are incredibly useful in tricky situations, and you can bar yourself from using them if you choose poorly.


Apple is at the forefront of remote technology at the minute. If you don’t believe that statement, ask Samsung, who was found guilty of stealing Apple technology for their benefit. That means as of 2015; Apple products have better technology and more add-ons. They might only be small, but the small details can make all the difference. Take iPhone caller ID as an example. With it, you can look up mystery numbers for free and investigate annoying calls and texts. So, when that strange number calls, you can figure out whether it is important or not.


source: wikipedia

Customer Service

Customer service does not come much better than in the Apple Store. As long as your iPhone has not been damaged as a result of neglect, you will get a new one without having to pay a penny. Just walk into the store, tell them what is wrong and wait for their expert advice. In the majority of cases, they will ask for your iPhone and Apple ID. No extra cash is needed, and you walk away with a brand spanker of an iPhone! The Apple Store is something that regular Android users cannot comprehend.

Apple does get a lot of bad press, but that is mainly because people like to moan. Of course, I am not saying that there are not negatives to an iPhone that you won’t like. There are negatives. But, the positives far outweigh them.


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