The Best Man’s Guide To Planning A Bachelor Party

Calling all Best Men! You have the enviable task of making the speech of your lifetime. You have to make sure the groom turns up on time. And you have to look after the wedding rings. But, most important of all, you have to plan the bachelor party! An unforgettable stag night is fun to organise, but it’s not easy keeping a dozen unruly guys in check. We had the pleasure of organising one last month, and everything went perfectly. (Well, nearly perfectly) Here are some of the secrets we used to make it work.



Speak to the groom – All the guides tell you to make it a surprise. They say you should keep the groom out of the loop, and make sure he has no idea what’s going on. If you ask us, that’s terrible advice! You’re asking for disaster if you don’t have a quick word with the groom first. After all, it’s their night. Find out what he has in mind for the perfect night. Does he want to go abroad or do an adventure break? Or would he rather have a quieter night at the local pub? Most importantly, find out who should be on the guest list.

Guest list – This is the most important aspect of the weekend, and it’s crucial you get it right. That’s why we suggest speaking to the groom. Try to keep the number below 20. Anything more than that is a nightmare to organise and control. Secondly, try to organise a group that will get along together, and keep it to close friends. Avoid the work acquaintances and old friends. The big question here is fathers, brothers, and future brothers-in-law. It’s up to the stag whether he thinks they’ll fit in with the stag party.

Organisation – Now that you’ve got the rough details from the groom, it’s time to get organising! This is the trickiest part, as it’s not easy to get everyone together on the same date. We used a simple group message on Facebook, but you can use whatever method is easiest. Choose a date where everyone is free, set a budget and get booking!

Plan some daytime activities – The evenings usually plan themselves. A few bars, good food, and the time will fly by. But, you want to make the daytime memorable too. Plus, it’s a chance for any new acquaintances to get to know each other. There are all sorts of ideas to choose from, including paintballing, mountain climbing, and sports.

Plan a few surprises – Last of all, you can’t have a stag do without a few pranks and surprises. You don’t want anything too dangerous or scaring here (both physically and mentally!) Just a few silly pranks and harmless surprises will give the night that spark of difference. Remember, you want to make this separate to any average night out.

Follow these tips, and you’ll throw the best possible bachelor party! Now, all that’s left to do is the tricky business of writing a speech. And, trust us, that’s much harder than organising the stag!

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