The Benefits of Pallet Racking

Pallet racks could be described as ‘shelves without shelves’. The shipping pallet your stock arrives on from the factory or the wholesaler takes the place of the shelves, balancing on the racks. Yes, the name really is that simple and self-explanatory!

The pallet is a triumph of modern logistics. A standardised, highly developed packaging and transport system made from renewable materials, pallets form the backbone of almost all modern stock delivery systems.

Reliable and Sturdy

Pallets have a known set of dimensions and design parameters. When loaded at the factory or point of distribution, pallets are balanced and their load secured. They’re designed to hold up over road and rail, sea and sky, so they’re more than adequate for static storage in a warehouse environment.

If your business requires efficient and reliable storage, it makes perfect sense to use a pallet racking solution from a company like Elbowroom (click here for some inspiration). Businesses and warehouses can save thousands by utilising relatively simple pallet racks rather than dedicated shelves – why buy shelving when it comes free with your stock every delivery?

The Ultimate Alternative to Shelving

Pallet racks have a minimal impact on the integrity of a warehouse, even when built into the building as part of the foundation. The racks themselves are light and consist of fewer components than other storage systems. And, as such, pallet racks are significantly cheaper than a full-shelved storage system. The racks themselves can also be built higher than equivalent shelving.

On top of this, pallet racks offer great visibility of your stock, as well as excellent ventilation and airflow.

Easy to Install

As they’re so simple to install, requiring minimal special tools or skillsets, it’s also easy to expand your pallet racking system, meaning minimal business time lost to construction. Even so, it’s important to have your pallet rack installation overseen by a professional to ensure its safety and integrity.

Variety of Types

While the principle is simple, pallet racks come in many shapes and forms. The most common is the selective pallet rack. While not the densest or most volumetrically efficient form of pallet storage, selective racks offer 100% visibility of your stock and instant access to any pallet. In a selective rack system, any pallet is accessible at any time without the need to move other pallets to get to it. This is perfect for high-flow businesses running on the just-in-time warehousing principle, or any business with a high product turnover.

Denser pallet racking systems allow you to store more stock, but they tend to come with decreased ease of access. They are ideal for highly specialised businesses, which may only sell a small range of products with an indefinite shelf life, where specific pallet access isn’t as critical.

Other systems include live and roll-through racks – think of how a milk fridge in a supermarket that’s replenished from behind works. These racks are great as holding stations between either the ends of production lines or loading docks, before stock is moved through from the other side to longer-term storage.

Pallet racking seems, at a glance, a highly specialised warehousing system, but it’s actually quite adaptable, able to be useful in almost any warehouse or storage space where pallets are the primary form of stock conveyance. They’re definitely one of the best options out there for the storage of product and a great investment for any warehouse.

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