The Amazing Benefits of Yoga on The Body

If you hadn’t heard already, yoga is a great way to not only get in your daily exercise, but also improve your aches, pains, general health, and stave off sickness. You will probably even find that you’re sleeping better! Yoga has some amazing benefits on the body; some would even call those benefits ‘healing powers’! What can you expect when starting yoga? Let’s take a look:

Improved Flexibility

This is one of the main and most obvious benefits of yoga. Providing you’re consistent, poses that once seemed impossible to you will become possible as you loosen up. Aches and pains may well disappear.


Yoga will give you stronger muscles due to all of the balancing you’ll be doing, and should improve back pain. With yoga, you get both strength and flexibility, so you get the best of both worlds!


Your joints go through their full range of motion whenever you practice yoga. Neglected areas of joints and cartilage can wear out, so it’s important you get that full range of motion to give your joints a fresh supply of nutrients.

The Spine

The shock absorbers between the vertebrae crave movement, as that’s the only way they get their nutrients. Practicing the backbends and forward bends of yoga, you’ll keep your disks supple.


Your bones will naturally strengthen with yoga, warding off illness like osteoporosis. Lifting your own weight in yoga not only helps strengthen the bones, but keeps the calcium in them.

Blood Flow

Yoga helps to bring more oxygen to your cells, so they’ll function much better as a result. This gives you a decreased chance of heart attacks and strokes!

Lymph Drainage

Coming in and out of yoga poses helps you to increase the drainage of lymph to fight infection and destroy cancerous cells.

Heart Health

Yoga exercises, even those that don’t get your heart rate up, can improve cardiovascular conditioning, as well as your endurance and maximum intake of oxygen during exercise.

Stress Levels

Cortisol is the stress hormone that can help our bodies cling on to belly fat. Yoga is proven to lower our cortisol levels, so you should feel less stressed and have less of a chance of major depression.

Weight Management

Yoga will get you moving more and burning calories, helping weight management. Not only that, but yoga can help you to become more mindful, so you may take more care of what you put in your mouth.

Blood Sugar

Yoga lowers your blood sugar, as well as lower bad cholesterol and boost good cholesterol. By getting your blood sugar levels down, you decrease your risk of heart attack, kidney failure, and even blindness.

Brain Power

Regular yoga has been proven to improve your coordination, reaction time, memory, and even your IQ! Who knows, you may even want to use your newfound IQ and love of yoga to become an instructor and endorse the Manuka Ambassador Club.

There are a million more benefits of yoga, but we couldn’t possibly list them all here. If this post doesn’t give you enough reason to practice yoga, then nothing will. Stay healthy with yoga!

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Published on: March 25, 2014

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