The 6 Water Sports You HAVE To Try


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Deep down, there’s an extreme sports lover in every one of us. It just takes the right sport to bring it out in you! The perfect time to explore this is on your next beach holiday. Whether it’s abroad or at home, all coastal areas offer a variety of watersports that you can get involved in. Take advantage of this and use the opportunity to get wet and have fun. We’ve rounded up the very best water sports you HAVE to try.


Yes, you’ll spend a large portion of your time falling over. But, when you finally catch that first wave, the thrill and excitement is like no other. In fact, you’ll be so excited, you’ll probably fall over. Don’t worry though, the next time will be even better. You can start on small waves with a body board before upgrading to a full surfboard. Once you’ve mastered the basics, the world is open to you. Australia and Hawaii have some of the best waves in the world. Plan this one in on the next holiday with the lads.


Kayaking is great because it covers all levels of experience and extremity. You can start small with a gentle canoe ride along rivers and around calm lakes. It’s the perfect way to experience a new place and get some perspective. At the other end of the spectrum, you can take on mighty white water rapids! As you grow in confidence you can tackle more difficult routes and rivers.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving isn’t traditionally classed as a watersport, but we’ve decided to include it anyway. If you have the opportunity to take part in this amazing experience, we can’t recommend it enough. The surreal experience of breathing underwater is second to none. You’ll see the ocean floor, coral reefs and beautiful ocean creatures. If you’re lucky, you could even explore shipwrecks and deeper territories.


If surfing still isn’t extreme enough for you, it’s time to attach a powerful kite to your board. The feeling of being pulled up from the water into the air is exhilarating. Start small by simply riding behind the boat before moving onto complex jumps and flips. Most activity centres will rent you the equipment. But, if you really love it you can check out kitesurfing boards.


For a more gentle water pursuit, sailing could be just what you need. Hiring a boat and taking her out on the waves is the perfect hobby for those who like things a little more chilled out. Take some friends, some drinks and just lounge on the deck. On the other hand, you could learn the basics of catamaran sailing and tackle more dangerous waters.

Jet Skiing

Jet skiing is the ultimate holiday watersport. It’s quick and easy to learn the basics and you’ll be flying around the ocean in no time. They go fast and hard so you’d better be ready. Take friends with you to get the most out of this one.

Whichever watersport you choose, you’re bound to find a thrill and excitement in it. Pick your favourite and make sure you try it out on your next holiday.


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