Take Credit for Having a Mobile Business

 If your business has been looking to make 2016 the year you soar to new heights, make sure you have the mobility to do just that.

As more and more brands are finding out, being able to secure new customers takes a variety of well thought-out initiatives, most notably being how to keep consumers happy in today’s busy world.

With the New Year off and running, are your initiatives going to sink or swim?


Don’t Discount Technology

In order to secure and keep more customers, you need to have myriad of plans in place to satisfy each and every man and woman doing business with you.

Among them:

  • Customer service – First and foremost, is your customer service exceeding its expectations? In the event the answer to that question is no, how can you improve upon things this year and moving forward? For starters, review your customer service initiatives from past years, noting what worked and what did not go as planned. Secondly, what kind of customer feedback have you been receiving over time? If customers are clamoring for better service and/or products, are you answering the call? Lastly, what resources do you have at hand that can improve the customer service experience? These are all areas that should never be taken for granted;
  • Technology now and in the future – With the ever-changing world of technology a constant factor, just how successful are you at implementing and managing your technological needs? Given more customers are demanding products and services yesterday and not today, having a mobile approach in place can prove very beneficial. For example, having a free credit card reader at your disposal allows you to make the customer buying experience quicker and more successful. Instead of making customers waste their valuable time (not to mention your valuable time), such an instrument allows for you to transform your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet quickly to a mobile credit card reader. Having robust mobile payments, not to mention the added feature of live customer support, makes for a win-win situation for both customer and business owner;
  • Feedback matters – Having a large base of satisfied customers is obviously important to any man or woman running a business. Without satisfied customers, not only will your public reputation be at peril, but you also increase the risk of having a dwindling revenue stream at hand. There are a number of ways you can increase customer feedback, ultimately satisfying those with questions and/or concerns when it comes to doing business with your brand. One option is to survey your customers through email, social media and other such means. Find out what they like/don’t like about doing business with you. For the latter, try to pinpoint the issue or issues they take with your brand. Is it something as simple as getting back to them in a faster means or is it how one or more of your employees treated them during a discussion and/or transaction. Also do the same on social media. If you’re allowing customer feedback on your sites like Twitter and Facebook, take the comments seriously. That includes making sure you respond in a professional and fast manner. Nothing tends to irritate customers more than delaying a response or avoiding them altogether. Not only does it upset them, but they might be apt to spread the word to their families, friends, co-workers etc. that they were not satisfied with the service they ended up receiving from your business. If that’s the case, the public relations fallout can end up damaging your brand, something that is not always easy to overcome;
  • Outdoing the competition – Finally, you should always review how you can outshine the competition. Face it; today’s consumers oftentimes have a wealth of options at their fingertips, so don’t just assume that your brand is the only game in town. What can you do differently and better than your competitor or competitors to keep customers coming back to you regularly? This means knowing what the competition is doing at all times, along with occasionally copying to a degree what they find to be successful. You should obviously never steal or totally copy what competitors do, but you definitely want to be observant of how they’re succeeding.


From more mobility to a better customer service experience, make this the year you increase your customer base and grow it far down the road.



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Published on: January 13, 2016

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