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In today’s tech market, two devices reign supreme: the tablet and the laptop. However, while both of these gadgets can perform a wide variety of tasks on the go, each one has features that the other lacks. When you’re deciding on which to buy, this can make your choice tricky. Here is a closer look at tablets vs. laptops and which one might be better for your needs.


Tablets are a lot like giant smartphones, but with more power. Even the operating systems are designed around those used on today’s smartphones. They also use mobile processors, which are the same as those used in your average smartphone. Unfortunately, this also means that the processing power is relatively poor where computers are concerned. Even dual-core models don’t reach the speeds of a standard mid-range laptop. However, tablets can be incredibly useful for certain applications such as:

  • They’re ideal for watching videos, playing games and reading e-books on the go.
  • Tablets weigh less and are smaller than laptops, making them easier to store and transport.
  • They often feature connections for headphones and USB devices.
  • The wide range of functions they perform, combined with portability and up to 64 GB of storage, makes them perfect for many business purposes.
  • A handy touchscreen means no troublesome keyboards or mice are needed.


Most modern laptops are smaller and thinner than their older counterparts, but their bulk and weight can still make them a chore to carry around. They also require more electricity to operate, so battery life may be an issue for some people. Furthermore, some laptop functions will cause power to drain more quickly. However, laptops can perform a number of functions than the average tablet can’t stand up to, such as:

  • Many newer laptops boast speeds upward of 3.0GHz with some processors possessing with up to four cores. This puts high-end laptops on par with many desktop PCs.
  • A good laptop can do everything a tablet can, and then some.
  • Large-capacity storage means you can save more pictures, videos and music.
  • They’re ideal for playing resource-intensive games, programming, making and editing video, word processing, and minor graphical editing.
  • You will have a professional operating system allowing you to tweek the system far more than the mobile operating systems on tablets.
  • Laptops are a great option for people who telecommute or do freelance work online.

Laptops and tablets each have their own benefits and downfalls. The option you choose will depend largely upon what you will use the device for. If you rely on a lot of resource-intensive programs and need a ton of storage, a laptop might be for you. If you only use lighter programs, or you just want to browse the Internet, then a tablet may be just what you need.

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Published on: March 7, 2014

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2 Responses to Tablet vs Laptop

  1. Henry Cooper says:

    I love my tablet, since getting my ipad I hardly use my laptop at all. I just use my ipad on the go and the desktop PC at work.

  2. Joey West says:

    Not sure I could get by with just a tablet, but having one for the commute would be nice… Maybe I’ll ask one for my birthday from the wife.

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